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Discontinued after the recall suffered maintenance problems, who will then set the GAC Gonow – Sohu automobile customer service a GAC GIO recall once again let the brand has become the focus of retreat. The day before the filing of the GAC Gonow recall 1432 star Lang plans to the state quality inspection administration. However, at present, Guangzhou has been the GAC Gonow automobile group, Guangzhou Automobile Group wholly owned subsidiary of Passenger Car Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GAMC") acquired, and renamed the GAMC Hangzhou branch, GIO model is to encounter production, only brand retained. The industry generally believe that although the subject is still the GAC Gonow recall, but the brand production lead parts supply is not smooth and the dealer’s loss, leaving the "historical issues" has become the biggest asset GIO disk test. According to the announcement of the state suffered embarrassing recall subject quality inspection administration announced the recall, "according to the" Regulations "GAC GIO defect automobile products recall management requirements, to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, the decision since September 30, 2016, part of the star Lang multipurpose recall June 15, 2015 to January 27, 2016 during the production of passenger cars, totaling 1432 vehicles. Gonow auto Co. Ltd. will recall the vehicle within the scope of all free inspection, free replacement collision sensor there is a problem, to eliminate security risks". However, for a defunct company to make the recall plan, the owners also have customer service maintenance ji’ao perplexities. A GIO GIO reflects the owner after the shutdown, auto parts has a shortage, and the loss of dealers is to let many owners face nowhere but maintenance. Beijing Daily reporter dialed telephone service recall information, customer service staff said that the current recall of Xinglang by GAC Gonow responsible, and has issued a notice to the owner, and can provide the local maintenance of the designated locations for replacement. In this regard, a former GAC Gonow employee said, there are still people in charge of the GIO customer service work, but GAC Gonow parts have been by the GAMC organization, but rely on GAC Gonow original channel capacity, unable to solve. Although the only authorized service Yoshio Hoshiro recall the number of small, but the brand after delisting, the vehicles affected by customer service is an indisputable fact. Automotive market experts Yan Jinghui believes that, in accordance with international practice, the car brand delisting, the car should be guaranteed for the next ten years, but many brands in the country is difficult to follow this standard. With the loss of the channel, the decline in after-sales service standards, spare parts waiting for a long time is inevitable, and even some new owners can enjoy the quality of service can not be guaranteed. By the Federation data show that the year before, GIO models sold a total of 311 vehicles, 28 thousand and 500 vehicles for the year 2015. However, in April 27th this year was renamed after the acquisition of GAC Gonow, has aroused the dissatisfaction of dealers. Due to the production of models, parts off, the country’s 76 dealers to start activist action, put forward the demands of compensation and retreat. Although provided 80% of the parts manufacturers of recovery, but for 2014 after buying GIO car owners, "three pack" promised)相关的主题文章: