Digital Marketing Drop In Googles Market

SEO Digital Marketing has be.e the next "in thing" for major .panies today. You may have observed the recent trend followed by many .panies these days of advertising online via web blogs, banner ads or search engine results. This is all a part of digital marketing techniques. Now from the above mentioned information you may have an idea of what digital marketing really is but a more formal definition of digital marketing is using digital or electronic media such as the TV, radio or internet to promote or advertise your product. Many .panies have taken business opportunities by specializing in digital marketing techniques. Nowadays you will find numerous agencies and consultancies giving out advice on which digital marketing strategy is best for your .pany or how to use a digital marketing technique effectively to boost your sales. These agencies and consultancies not only help your business expand but also lead to an overall economic growth on a national level. You may think that this is quite presumptuous to say but look at the logic behind it. If your countrys firms and businesses are expanding then as a whole economy you would be better of. Now moving on to one very popular digital marketing technique which is using search engines to advertise your ads and websites. Google which has been one of the most widely used search engine and has a record of having the highest market share has been seen to have a drop in its market share. Now this is quite surprising as Google has always been a market leader so this news of Yahoo and Bing gaining more popularity than Google can actually be quite disturbing for Google. When .paring percentages of Yahoo, Google and Bings market share you would not that they havent changed significantly but have only changed a point or two. However, this is actually quite alarming when considering the vast market. Even if Google is loosing a percentage or two, it may mean that it s is loosing a hundred thousand people or something. Hence, if you look at it this way, you may think that something is seriously wrong. Even though Google still has more than 65 % of the worlds market, it seems to be fluctuating towards the downside. Many people might think that this should not be a major concern as Google is still the market leader but we need to think that why is this happening? Are other search engines getting better or have Googles services be.e redundant or slow? If you want more information on digital marketing techniques and strategies, contact Qudos Digital, a leading Digital Marketing Consultancy, on 0845 388 5583 or [email protected] 相关的主题文章: