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"Detective Conan" the new version of the mainland theater set file 11.25 release – Sohu entertainment "detective Conan: Black nightmare" Chinese poster [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news twentieth Conan film "detective Conan: Black nightmare" before the given file, the film will be landing in November 25th in domestic theaters, meet with Chinese fans. It is reported that the film as the 20 anniversary of the Conan animation masterpiece, during the release of the Japanese film was nearly 6 billion 700 million yen, creating the highest grossing film ever. The film aimed at the confidential information spy into the Japanese police agency for the fuse, tells the story of Conan, the Japanese police, FBI (FBI), the dark organization around the fate of betrayal and dueled story. Mao Lilan and Kudou Shinichi "detective Conan: Black nightmare 20 anniversary" as Conan animation masterpiece, is different from the previous version of the theater. The theater lineup has also become more powerful, almost all members of the dark film organization. According to the file file posters show, Conan, FBI search officer Akai Shuuichi, the Japanese public security room and the dark organization members of the hidden identity of the order of exposure. The plot describes the confrontation between Conan and the dark organization, secretly detour, and revealed the suspense for 20 years, more emotional intertwined with the fate of the shackles of the characters and the relationship between the people of the. There are many Ke said: "this is the Conan film series the history of the strongest lineup since the entire organization is undercover, how can this be?" Visible, the new theater version of the fans is very attractive, the story sparked hot friends. Haibara Ai and Conan "detective Conan: Black nightmare" released in Japan in April 16, 2016, breaking the previous movie box office records, Conan became the highest grossing movie in a. Mr Ishiyama Yoshihito said the "producer" detective Conan: Black nightmare "is a series of films in the highest investment. The 20 anniversary of baked masterpiece, embodies the dreams and feelings of a generation of childhood, the creative team is bound to build." In addition, according to relevant sources "in the movie characters, the plot is compact while the action scenes greatly increased, including the detonation of the ferris wheel, bullet rain, armed helicopters, sniper fighting, racing scene artillery bomb shot and the effects of movement and the fight scene gave the audience a big surprise." Many users believe that adding exciting action elements it is hooked. It is reported that, "detective Conan: Black nightmare" with high investment to build the fierce stunt scenes, and news of the total box office movie released in Japan reached 6 billion 700 million yen, in domestic has caused users of discussion and expectation. In November 25th this year ushered in the 20 anniversary of the Conan animation, the film will be landing on the mainland screen to meet with the audience.相关的主题文章: