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Data: Manchester United mad man shot a record 37 feet but not a ball will be God today! Burnley goalkeeper Ibrahimovic horse Tajun triple attack failed Manchester audience shot up to 37 times the record Tencent sports news October 30th and failed to obtain a rebound in the current round of Manchester United, but the 0-0 draw with burnley. This night the United can use the "ghost" to describe, the team had 37 shots, hit the statistics available since the history of the most single game manchester. But this is not a ball into the "extensive cultivation", but all had been "dead". The game, Manchester ball rate is as high as 72.2% times to 19-1, corner way ahead opponent. This group of data even more amazing is that the whole United created a 37 shot opportunity, the data record: the current statistics institutions in Europe, the most authoritative OPTA since the start of the 2003-04 season statistics and induction, since then to this before the war, they never super single game Leipzig in Britain reached 37 times this battle, the red devils can be said to be ever in the Premier League’s most violent. Manchester United so violent attack, but failed to score a goal. There are three reasons, first of all from the goal line diagram can be seen, Manchester United 37 attempts with 11 shots, but the 11 most played very positive, the lack of real tricky Leipzig, especially in the Mata and Ibrahimovic two people (what is the 4 time to play is not score). Second, Burnley is indeed with "body and soul" organization of defense, the defenders of the game "to block the eye-catching", will be united 37 attempts in 18, sealing with flesh and blood. Of course, the most important reason is the third point: Burnley goalkeeper Sidon the game was terrific, bashing the crazy Sidon total war made 11 saves, let the Reds players being shot, he will always shut out the ball. In any case, Manchester United crazy shot 37 times, hit the door frame within the scope of the 11, a lot of golden opportunity, but it is impossible to score, which is really a little ghost. (Leng Xue)相关的主题文章: