Danjiangkou City, Hubei Agricultural Bureau 26 cadres to send illegal money mide-031

Hubei Danjiangkou City Bureau of agriculture 26 cadres illegal to send "money" – Beijing by Hubei Province, Danjiangkou City Commission for discipline inspection before the decision to give illegal funeral and accepting gifts of the city agriculture bureau Zheng Keji cadres (bureau of former deputy secretary of the Party committee Zhang Man Chang) party warning; for violation of the Bureau of the 24 gifts of gold party members and cadres were given admonishing conversation; instructed the municipal agricultural bureau Party committee to make a written examination, comprehensive party secretary strictly the main responsibility for poor of the city agriculture bureau deputy director Zhao Zhengbo on the implementation of the Party committee, Zhu Guangzhi admonishing conversation. It is understood that in the afternoon of July 28th, Zhang Manchang make arrangements for her mother’s funeral home. Zhao Zhengbo and Zhu Guangzhi in the name of the trade union to pay, but in view of the actual situation of Danjiangkou City Bureau of agriculture trade union account is not yet in place, approval of condolence payments can not be accounted for, two people took to the name of the trade union, the actual units for personal money in condolence. The city’s agricultural system and another 24 cadres that Zhang Manchang’s mother died after the news, 15 people go to and send condolences "money", 9 people to entrust others way to send Zhang Manchang "money". The 26 Zhang Manchang accepting illegal gifts totaling 10 thousand and 700 yuan. July 29th, the Danjiangkou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection received a reflection of the masses on the above issues Zhang Manchang, immediately investigate. In July 30th, Zhang Manchang will return the illegal receipt of gifts. "In May 2014, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued" on the Party cadres to make arrangements for weddings "measures for supervision and inspection matters, I worked hard, also know that the" measures "clearly stipulates that the Hubei province within the scope of the Party cadres to make arrangements for weddings are not allowed to accept relatives outside the scope of staff gifts, but not afraid to refute his colleagues the face, touched the bottom line of discipline." In the investigation of the staff to talk about their own ideas, Zhang Manchang regret. "Zhang Manchang is my old leader, we worked together for several years, starting from It’s only human. wanted to follow the old tradition, the old leadership to express concern, the violated party, it is harmful to others!" To participate in memorial activities and gifts cadres of the city Bureau of agriculture Zhang Shuming gold deep remorse. I am not responsible for the implementation of the main responsibility for the system of Party members and cadres of the daily education, management, supervision lost in the loose soft. In contrast to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist Party accountability regulations, I am willing to accept the accountability of the organization." The discipline review staff and Zhao Zhengbo, talking to Zhu Guangzhi, two people sincere repentance, deep introspection. (but Xiaoqing)相关的主题文章: