Cross the wisdom of public toilets come out of Wuhan comes with water and WiFi can access the

"Transboundary wisdom toilets" in Wuhan with WIFI in East Lake hydropower and Internet scenic wisdom toilets are called "intelligent island" newspaper news (reporter Kang Peng) a mobile toilet, not only has WIFI access to the Internet, the electronic chip and the central control center is also equipped with a network, capable of self examination". This sounds like "Arabian Nights" wisdom toilets has appeared in Wuhan. World toilet day". Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter learned that this is called "intelligent island" the wisdom of public toilets have been tested for a month in the scenic setting, all functions have been reached the expected target. Reporters on the scene, "smart toilets" and general appearance of mobile toilets is the interior space of nearly 4 square meters, in addition to the common sanitary ware, is also equipped with a vertical platform, disabled children seat, railings, emergency button, and adjusts the temperature of micro air conditioning, ultraviolet lamp for sterilization, remove the smell of exhaust fan the smell of fresh air, inhibition of automatic machine, Goods are available in all varieties. In the toilet outside the space, there are micro meteorological self inspection equipment for the surrounding security of high-definition cloud platform monitoring, as well as high-speed free WiFi. Research and development of this device, general manager of Wuhan sea intelligence technology company Huo Chenglong introduction, smart island with the Internet technology is a part of the wisdom of the city. The "intelligent island" by industrial modular assembly, with hydropower, self-sustaining ability, from planning and site selection and water facilities can also be restricted; occasional customization, appearance, color adjustment, blend with the surrounding environment. Daily management, a "intelligent island" are equipped with electronic chip, and connected to the central control center, not only to their own physical understanding of each parts of the state, but also remote control, such as cleaning, maintenance, information will be sent to the nearest inspection personnel on a mobile phone, people can manage dozens of toilet.相关的主题文章: