Create a world of ice and snow ice industry chain formed a new town in Zhangjiakou dxperience

To build a new world ice and snow city, Zhangjiakou ice and snow industry chain initially formed, according to Xinhua news agency, Shijiazhuang February 18th sports news (reporter Bai Lin), the next five years, we will do our utmost to grasp the Winter Olympics preparation and the Olympic economic development. Implement the 6 year countdown work system, complete the tasks stipulated by the International Olympic Committee. Through "Olympic +" plan, speed up the internationalization and modernization of the city." Ma Yujun, mayor of Zhangjiakou Municipal People’s government, said at the fifth meeting of the thirteenth people’s Congress of Zhangjiakou in 17, "government work report" said. "13th Five-Year" period, Zhangjiakou will be planning to build a high level of good venues and infrastructure. By 2020, all venue construction tasks will be completed and the test conditions will be maintained. A number of railways, highways and general airport projects have been built. At the same time, comprehensively promote the ice and snow sports. To strengthen the construction of ice and snow venues, organize a series of ice and snow season activities, promote the ice and snow sports in the city’s primary and secondary schools and the general public. Train Zhangjiakou ice and snow professional sports team, hold all kinds of high-level, high-level sports competition. Around the needs of hosting the Winter Olympics, we have planned, targeted training foreign languages, skiing, coaches, medical and other professional talents and volunteers. In addition, we should vigorously develop the Olympic economy. Ma Yujun said, Zhangjiakou to build Chongli as the core, the surrounding counties to supplement the ice and snow area, accelerate the construction of a number of distinctive ice and snow style town, cultivate and expand the supporting modern service industry. And select the appropriate Park, focus on the introduction of high-end ice and snow equipment at home and abroad, equipment manufacturing enterprises, to create ice and snow tourism, equipment manufacturing, industrial services as one of the ice and snow industry chain.

打造世界冰雪新城 张家口冰雪产业链初步形成   据新华社石家庄2月18日体育专电(记者白林)“未来五年,我们将全力以赴抓好冬奥会筹办和奥运经济发展。实行6年倒计时工作制,全面完成国际奥委会规定的任务。通过‘奥运+’计划,加快打造国际化、现代化城市。”张家口市人民政府市长马宇骏17日在张家口市第十三届人民代表大会第五次会议上作《政府工作报告》时说。   “十三五”时期,张家口将高水平做好场馆和基础设施的规划建设。到2020年完成所有场馆建设任务,并具备测试赛条件。建成一批铁路、公路和通用机场项目。   同时,全面推广冰雪运动。加强冰雪场地建设,组织系列冰雪季活动,在全市中小学和广大市民中推广冰雪运动。培养张家口冰雪专业运动队伍,举办各类高层次、高水平的体育比赛。围绕举办冬奥会的需求,有计划、有针对性地培养外语、滑雪、教练员、医疗等各类专业人才和志愿者。   此外,大力发展奥运经济。马宇骏说,张家口打造以崇礼为核心、周边县区为补充的冰雪大区,加快建设一批各具特色的冰雪风情小镇,培育壮大与之配套的现代服务业。并选择合适的园区,集中引进国内外高端冰雪装备、设备制造企业,打造冰雪旅游、装备制造、产业服务为一体的冰雪产业链。相关的主题文章: