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Sino British cooperation between enterprises of the two countries to create Europe’s largest pure electric bus fleet – China news agency new network in London on 9 September, (reporter Zhou Zhaojun) China new energy automobile enterprise Byd Co and British bus manufacturer Alexander? Denis Co. Ltd (ADL) 51 units of pure electric buses co production, came into use in the center of London 9, and as Europe’s largest fleet of electric buses. The same day, these pure electric vehicles officially delivered to the city of London public transport system, in order to walk in the streets of London to add more Chinese elements. London mayor Sadiq? Khan said that London has developed a comprehensive plan to improve the city’s air quality, the number of electric buses put into use, will be in London to create a more clean and healthy transportation system play a key role. Daniels, executive director of the London Transport Bureau, said the British and Chinese enterprises to produce these pure electric buses, will operate in the central area of london. Compared with the traditional bus, these pure electric buses brought to London is less noise, higher air quality, to help build a green and environmentally friendly transport network in london. According to statistics, the city of London put 51 pure electric buses, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 700 tons per year. He Yipeng, general manager of the European auto sales division of Byd Co, said that the current total of more than 9 thousand buses in London, more than 6 million 500 thousand passengers a day transport passengers. With the concept of green travel increasingly popular, the London electric car market potential. Byd Co is a leading position in the global market of new energy vehicles, the British ADL’s partner in the field of manufacturing and design of the bus is one of the world’s leading companies, the two companies jointly, will become the innovation enterprise in the classic case of relations between the two countries "golden age" of cooperation and win-win. He Yipeng said that as of now, BYD has produced more than 10 thousand pure electric buses, new energy vehicles footprints around the world’s more than and 200 cities in 48 countries. With the increasing attention to air pollution, the demand for new energy solutions in the field of global public transportation is increasing. Byd Co will increase investment in the European market, dig the potential of the European market. (end)相关的主题文章: