Consumption upgrade + technological change and evolution of intelligent machines to butterfly – VR m g227

Consumption upgrade + technical change of intelligent machines to transformation and evolution of VR mobile phone technology – Sohu since the second half of 2015 to the present, many veteran intelligent mobile phone manufacturers are involved or layoffs or price dilemma, which means that competition brings them great pressure. At the end of the Red Sea mobile phone navigation era, there have been a number of PPT mobile phone business emerging, air, power in through a series of conferences and several topics to create a very good atmosphere of marketing. But as we fight to the era, is no longer PPT, is no longer a conference while shelling Apple’s closed ecological system, the lack of innovation, and while copying Apple secretly in a corner, playing the Chinese feelings, but real mobile phone quality, innovation, service level and brand influence. Accompanied by the upgrading of consumption, the demand for the trend of the advent of differentiation, simply upgrade the configuration does not meet the needs of users, only disruptive technology innovation can help the industry to a new high. October 24th afternoon Trinidad held the world’s first · more than 7 – VR mobile phone conference, the official release of the world’s first VR mobile phone – Trinidad fight make VR phone. The significance of the new flagship mobile phone VR shooting feature, whether it is the appearance of work, hardware configuration or VR shooting experience, etc., are a lot of highlights, let a person shine. Trinidad dare to eat the first crab, looming in the context of consumer upgrades to upgrade the mobile phone industry. But the "butterfly consumption upgrade, make machine logic unchanged today China mobile phone market, facing the two macro environment of market saturation and consumption upgrade, mobile phone manufacturers want to win the favor of consumers, give full play to the artisan spirit to do product, the black technology landing, is maintaining the status quo of the strategy. According to the VR Xibao Trinidad ultra-thin panoramic lens VR mobile phone to play the biggest feature is equipped with video and integrated technology will be taken by the plane shot into the era of mobile phone space shooting times, can provide immersive new shooting experience; at the same time, users can shoot content on the VR in real-time preview, editing and sharing, user participation full, technology is no longer a cold but warm the heart of the "small cotton padded jacket". As he has made, from technology to products, and finally to the consumer, each stage need to bridge the gap forming technology of the production to the final product, we need to consider the commercial path and cost accounting, including the application of technology itself but after all, is the first threshold. As Chinese high-end video systems solutions provider, Trinidad was founded in ten years, has become one of the high-tech enterprises have few video core technology, a number of products the company is in the leading position in the market, to solve the first threshold technology application. Trinidad & Global ultra-thin lens and its thickness is only 23.8mm, VR lens module CMOS image sensor to reach 26 million pixels, using single binocular ultra wide angle lens module in zigzag, module consists of two identical imaging system, each imaging system consists of a 200 degree ultra wide angle lens and imaging sensor. In the imaging algorithm, trinidad.相关的主题文章: