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Sign the truth: male slag is the fish pen (Figure) Pisces Pisces contemporary time every day for Gemini data, can get out of the night, you play a few days, the Gemini attitude is 180 degree change, without reason to abandon you…… Sina ilovechjh users love to sign for the Sina constellation Pisces male slag fishing contemporary pen I am a Pisces girl, almost a month to break up and Gemini lover, but that pain and sad still haunt me. Know him, is eleven times last year, then just graduate, although the University for four years has been in Beijing for the school, but the postgraduate life let me full of novelty. Eleven when a classmate invited me to dinner, after the meal is changed my life, perhaps is the beginning of a nightmare. The day to eat, the brothers also taught several of his good buddy, which is he — Gemini he is taller than me, two, a graduate student at the same school. That’s what we’ve known. I have a boyfriend at the time, but a few years uniform life so I was very tired, her boyfriend’s feelings also seems to be There is not much left. After that, we met a few times, eat several meals, until one day he send text messages to express love to me, I found that I have fallen in love with him, so hopelessly in love with him, so I told my boyfriend, together with him, I betrayed my boyfriend love him. We laugh together, happy to play, even for a period of time who also think a minute cannot do without who, when he sent me back to the dormitory every night, all feel Nanshenanfen are champing to dawn, can see each other. At that time, we oppose more strongly, to speak more hard, but I have no family opposition, even my mom was ill, I still love him, willing to do what I can do for him. Before May this year, he would like to graduate, I would like to take out all the time every day to help him organize papers, sometimes all night in his office to help him do papers. We feel so happy, so happy. But all of this suddenly changed, it is only 51 I went out for four days, came back all the things have changed. His attitude towards me has changed a lot. He has alienated me from doing things I don’t like. I sensed it, but I loved him so much that I put up with it, and I tried to do what I could. But he still put forward to break up, because his family is also against, I cried, very sad, we will not be divided, so again in a stay for half a month. Half a month later, his reply was over, the second day of a scenic spot we moved to the outskirts of Beijing to play, he early in the morning with me after dinner, accompany me to the set where the car, my classmates and I have sent to the car. After I was gone, he went home. When we came back that night, he didn’t get in touch with me. After three days, I do my research in the office, he sent a message to say good-bye, I think I will beat the time. I’m really hurt, I don’t know what happened. Then he came to me and told me to give him time to say we shouldn’t be here.相关的主题文章: