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Oculus Connect conference site review: local time on October 6th, Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg Oculus platform in California 2016 Oculus Connect summit, showing the company in a virtual reality (virtual reality hereinafter referred to as VR) is a special layout in the social field and small ambition. Big data abstract in Silicon Valley special correspondent Xiaoshen Yan received the invitation to attend at the Silicon Valley at the southern end of the San Jose OC3 conference, from the scene of the third row, exclusive to the first hand the incomparable. Oculus, the Facebook VR company announced with Oculus including OculusRoom and Social and supporting equipment in the meeting, such as the new RoomScale motion capture sensors on the Touch controller, Oculus official release date. Text: in the first week of October, the major Silicon Valley technology companies seem to pay tribute to Jobs, respectively, to show their new products. Google has just released their new mobile phone Pixel in San Francisco, Daydream View and Google Home helmet assistant, Facebook and Oculus in the Connect 3 conference released a series of major release of VR. In this conference, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg made an important speech, explained the Facebook in the field of VR small ambition: first of all, Zuckerberg affirmed that VR is still the future computing platform. And this is Facebook’s perception of VR. Small tie also disclosed that now almost one million people a month with VR. Although VR hardware still needs to be improved, the next VR development period is VR related software. After the completion of these predictions, small tie gave us the scene to do a demonstration. In the show, the small tie on Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, and two colleagues, Micheal and Lucy live interaction. In the show, three people each have their own VR simulation characters, the relevant characters can express the owner’s movements and expressions. In the VR show, the three went to the bottom of the ocean, Mars and the small bundle of office. Of course, at the time of the Martian scene, xiao gang did not forget to laugh at the Elon Mask Mars immigration plan: we do not spend tens of billions of dollars, you can go to mars." Love the wife of a small bundle, of course, can not forget his wife, in the show, small tie in the VR scene, the wife of the video phone, and his wife, his dog Beast to a self timer. In these shows, the small bar shows his ambition in the social aspects of VR. Now, Facebook scored Facebook, Instagram,.相关的主题文章: