COFCO reform pain who pays By more than a hundred dealers rights rainism

COFCO reform pain who pays? Was more than a hundred dealers Liu Chengkun wave of a wave after another. Following the employees to protect their own rights and interests will be China food (00506.HK) after the prosecution to the court, Kinde products dealers out rights. In September 12th, the dealer to the COFCO Plaza rights part of Kinde products, food requirements of the food distribution fees paid to accept return return. In the part of the dealer statistics to COFCO rights, 170 dealers have arrears of nearly 200 million yuan, a total cost of 400 dealers will not be less than 300 million yuan. This is not a small number of Chinese food. The dealer to "Chinese business daily" reporters reflect, in April this year, the name of Kinde factory to overhaul production, by June, China food employees, employees and dealers handover, dealers know the factory has been discontinued, but before this, COFCO food to the distributors of low yahuo. The food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng told reporters: "Chinese food now dismiss the problem of compensation appears with the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, staff is still not completely solved the problem of compensation to dealers again, it involves huge cost. China food last year to sell 600 million yuan Kinde factory to produce a profit of $300 million, this year has no factories can sell, and dealers have advocated Chinese food costs, this year’s report will not look good, can hardly be avoided losses." More than 20 dealer rights September 12th, more than 120 dealers on behalf of the collective Kinde to COFCO COFCO Beijing Fortune Building, Kinde food requirements of the food (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COFCO Kinde"), COFCO Food Marketing Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "COFCO food") the timely return of national distributor of pre paid marketing expenses at the same time, COFCO Kinde production lead to bad stock return, two cost nearly 200 million yuan. It is understood that in the food Kinde and distributor of cooperative mode, production supply is responsible for food Kinde, and specific aspects of marketing, channel management is the responsibility of food products. At the same time, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Heilongjiang and other places more than 150 Kinde chocolate dealers, issued an open letter to the requirements of COFCO COFCO, safeguarding the interests of dealers. The open letter said, COFCO Kinde production and stop delivery, without considering the national distributor of the legitimate rights and interests, resulting in significant loss of dealers. COFCO and COFCO food Kinde suddenly unilaterally stop Kinde product shipments, the market not available due to the super lock code to return, resulting in a large number of bad inventory, produce dealers have occurred in the market activities of the cost can not be normal verification. And the dealer and the part of the super market signed annual fee agreement, the second half of the cost of business has been ahead of charge, if the dealer does not according to the contract, not only did not return the money, but also not to super dealer delivery and did not complete the sales target fine. According to the above of the loss, dealers hope has on behalf of the second half of the market price and the cost of timely verification has occurred, no delay; at the same time for dealer inventory not expired goods and expired goods should be returned; for super will produce no delivery penalty and did not complete the goal by Chinese and the fine food.相关的主题文章: