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Holidays Christmas in USA For christmas celebration, the United States of America mixed some different elements from different places with their tradition. The Christmas tree tradition comes from Germany, parades from Latin America, Carols from the English and Australians, Santa Claus from the Europeans and more. Besides of this, each family in the US has their individual Christmas celebrations. And different places have different way to celebrate.Take the Washington DC for example, here you’ll find one big tree (which represents the nation) and other smaller trees (standing for other states). In New Orleans, the focus of Christmas is caroling – a lot of people thousands on Christmas to have a huge group caroling around big bonfires lit along the river Mississippi every year. St. Augustine, Florida ,the oldest city in the US, , has the whole of the city lit up in white lights on Christmas.Only white light allowed on Christmas. Christmas in France In France, Christmas trees are decorated with red ribbons and candles. Fir trees are also lighted on Christmas. People gather together to enjoy the mood of reunion and feast on meat and fine wine. In order to get the present that from the Father Christmas, the French kids put shoes and boots by the hearth. And on Christmas nearly every family sets up the Birth Of Christ scene at home. Christmas in England England is the origin place of hanging stockings on Christmas. People believed that Father Christmas once dropped some gold coins while coming down a chimney and the coins landed on one stocking hanging out to dry. Since then, the idea of hanging stockings on Christmas held ground created .Children hang their stockings for Santa Claus to fill these up with Christmas goodies. In some parts, ‘pantomime’ is also a popular Christmas tradition. And the wishing ‘Merry Christmas’ and gift-giving is of course there in England. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: