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Chongqing 816 underground nuclear engineering scenic spot open nuclear fuel base – Sohu news underground nuclear engineering scenic spot 816. "In order not to destroy the original structure of the comprehensive, let visitors in the original basis feel more visual and auditory brought experience, we made use of sound and light effect." Participate in the "816 project" closed to build Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Zhang Yuanjun told reporters. "We built a glass corridor in the 101 District 3 floor pan, simulation of nuclear materials reflect green light, tourists from the bottom of the pot above crossed over, deposition can feel personally on the scene bottom 50 years; the length of approximately 3 km, the water storage capacity of 24 thousand cubic meters of" 816 project "system of water tunnel, we arranged the blue and red ring lights, allowing visitors to see the entire water supply system." Zhang Yuanjun said. "Before we open the code 101, 104 regions are the whole project" the tip of the iceberg ", the renovation project will open a new 105, 221, 229, the whole tour time from 1 hours to 3 hours." Liu Kangzhong, vice mayor of the CPC Chongqing Fuling District Committee, told News Agency reporters, "we want to use the" 816 project "to create a set of Nuclear Science Center, patriotism education base and interactive experience center as one of the complex project."相关的主题文章: