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Chinese Wine Association director Wang Yancai: "small also" market prospects – Beijing in the first China plus juice Wine — small grape ceremony, Chinese Wine Association Chairman Mr. Wang Yancai on behalf of Chinese Wine Association gave Changyu new small also highly recognized. Chairman Wang said, Changyu Pioneer, created the first China juice of Wine — little also, a fashionable drink which is currently very popular on the international. Zhangyu launched this product, to fill the gaps in the domestic market, the majority of consumers have brought a more diverse choice. In recent years, more and more popular wine consumer health, fashion, wine consumers are getting younger and younger. Small also for the future market prospects, chairman Wang highly recognized, he believes that at least three, little also after laid a position in the market. 1 Changyu as traditional enterprises, but constantly adapt to social changes, especially adapt to the current consumption concept change. According to the new consumer groups and consumption patterns, creatively launched this new product, believe small also can become the industry in different types of wine excellent cases of product innovation. 2 small also the products in the industry understand the significance, adhere to the basic principles of the innovation in the main channel. The liquor industry service in the whole society, service to consumers, Changyu continued work in the service category based, and bold in the "main channel" to the new concept of product innovation system. 3 small also in innovation adhere to the concept of quality, product innovation, but still have to adhere to high technology, from the products, especially the raw material products, adhere to the concept of health and safety. Based on the above points, chairman Wang believes that small also will be young consumers, become leading the fashion trend of consumption of alcoholic drinks. The future, small also will have broad market prospects.相关的主题文章: