Chinese tourists visa free entry to the United Arab Emirates tianbi

China tourists visa free entry to the United Arab Emirates UAE citizens China tourism will enjoy visa free treatment, go. Yesterday, China ambassador to the UAE embassy through the official WeChat released a heavy message said: since November 1, 2016, People’s Republic of China citizens holding ordinary passports without pre UAE visa, immigration charge, the period of stay of 30 days. According to the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions can be extended once, then stay for 30 days. Reporters learned from Ctrip Travel, the agency has not yet received a written or verbal notification of the UAE embassy, but that has been free to enter the guests through the visa free way. After booking the team, free line products guests, we will continue to cancel the visa options and fees in the product." Ctrip outbound travel relevant responsible person said, although the file has not yet formally issued a visa, but since yesterday, the United States and the United Arab Emirates through the search of APP and web site keywords, visit the number of products increased by more than 200%. Previously, Chinese citizens to the UAE tourism needs at least 7 working days in advance to apply for electronic visa, 600 yuan visa fee, visa, not only can achieve the go, and save the cost of a small. In addition, the United Arab Emirates China tourists to Europe, Dubai or parts of Africa to the transit hub, visa also means, had to go to other countries only in the Dubai transit tourists can choose to stay in Dubai for a few days, "free" play a country. (reporter Pan Fuda)相关的主题文章: