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"Chinese relationship" TV hit   Ma Yili Chen Jianbin staged scenes – the media – original title: "China relationship" Oriental TV hit by Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Ma Yili, Chen Jianbin co directed, Zhao Lixin, Hu He, Ye Yiyun, Dai Xu, Li Yeping, Tian Xiaojie, Lv Zhong and other co starring realism drama "Chinese relation" is currently the Oriental TV hit. The drama "full acting online" the audience of "guanxi" Chinese waves of praise. "After the broadcast Chinese relation", the media reporter said: there is a actor Jutan in an interview with private life and other related issues is not understandable, because he is acting, such as Chen Jianbin, while he was in the first few episodes of the show is the best proof. Many young viewers because of the show was his strength circle powder". In the past in the film and television works often to "life winner", "emperor" and the debut of Chen Jianbin in "attitude," in a relationship China debut suffered within half a day, life change radically. He played Ma Guoliang on the plane and just returned to the "returnees white-collar" Jiang Yinan ‘s (Ma Yili) met two seats adjacent, because the aircraft can call and naojiang, then at the dinner encounter, the values vary greatly and Ma Guoliang Jiang Yinan’ s a splash of red wine. After dinner, the river is Yinan ‘s not careful, and Ma Guoliang fell down the stairs, suffered systemic radias injury". With the injury came home downstairs, did not expect and caught Shen Yun subordinates (Zhao Lixin) and wife Liu Lili (Hu Keshi) openly affectionate, knowing that his wife derailed. In anger, he was tough mother-in-law swept out of nowhere to seek justice. Just half a day, Ma Guoliang from the brilliance of uncle into "lost his wife lost home old man. Misery Chen Jianbin in the play also allows many viewers shed tears of sympathy: the story progress up to now, in his ex-wife, former mother-in-law, daughter of the three flower on the horse, almost all inside ". One section of Ma Guoliang angrily derailed his wife’s lines are hot debate, "women, this is a woman. The world so many men, you do not look, you have to find him. He is who, from the beginning into the unit, he is my Valet ah, if it is in the old society, this is the man, entourage, mabian. With this master’s wife, this is going to be out to clubbed to death. I let you doomed eternally, I want you to always nail in the history of shame!" After this speech, many netizens joked: "this story of how I feel a bit familiar, it is predicted that the recent news of god." Chen Jianbin played in the opening of a system of cadres Ma Guoliang suffered a series of bad things, a lot of the audience that his experience is very cruel and very realistic, but in his eyes, all this is caused by arch-criminal as Ma Yili Jiang Yinan ‘s, is simply a "disaster", "hoodoo" is a type of existence. A good overseas education grew up everything only about the rules and Jiang Yinan ‘s reason, although this role seemed a bit hypocritical somewhat rigid, not taking into account the feelings of others, but Ma Yili was a true show of "returnees" has just returned to the stage ", in the previous The climate does not suit one.")相关的主题文章: