Chinese people for the first time at the helm of Interpol foreign media to help fight corruption-sopor aeternus

For the first time at the helm of Chinese Interpol foreign media: help anti-corruption Reference News Network November 11 news media said, state media Chinese 10 news, a senior official of the Ministry of public security Chinese was elected president of the International Criminal Police organization. This may be helpful for China’s anti-corruption actions. According to Reuters reported on November 10th, according to the official Xinhua News Agency reported that at the eighty-fifth plenary session of the International Criminal Police Organization, Chinese Vice Minister of public security Meng Hongwei was elected the new president of interpol. The report did not disclose more details. Reported that Meng Hongwei was elected chairman of the International Criminal Police Organization in China has gained an important position in international institutions, which may also help Chinese authorities to track corrupt officials fled overseas. As part of a campaign launched by President Xi Jinping, China and the rest of the world have launched a joint effort to track suspects through a French based international criminal police agency. 2015, for the 100 cases of major corruption cases involving overseas fled, the China National Bureau of Interpol issued a red warrant". China said that so far has been arrested at least 1/3 of the people involved. Reported that, since more than three years ago, President Xi Jinping launched a campaign against corruption rooted in the country, China has been seeking to strengthen international cooperation in order to pursue those who are suspected of crime. However, western countries have been reluctant to help or sign extradition treaties, unwilling to send those people back to China, because the human rights organization said China still has the problem of criminal suspects. These countries also complain that China is unwilling to provide evidence of the facts of criminal suspects. According to Kyodo News reported on November 10th, Chinese Vice Minister of public security Meng Hongwei, 10, was elected the new president of interpol. Interpol announced the results through the official twitter account. The organization also said that the Russian National Bureau of Interpol, Alexander, director of the · Prokop Chuck was elected vice president of interpol. Interpol is holding a 4 day general meeting in indonesia. The conference aims to strengthen cooperation between countries to combat terrorism and the rise of the Islamic state organization. Meng Hongwei will replace the French Mileiye · Balestrazzi, served as president of Interpol. He has served as deputy director of Chinese Police Bureau and the State Oceanic Administration office. Reported that, in the history of Interpol, Meng Hongwei will be the first to serve as chairman of the Chinese people. China according to the official Xinhua News Agency reported, Meng Hongwei said after the election, with each member together, working together to more effectively promote the national police cooperation, more strongly support national police to enhance law enforcement capabilities. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: