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China left-behind children returned to the United States America Media: these little guys really not easy – Beijing Reference News Network November 26th reported that the U.S. media said, South New York Broolyn 160th public school, William Samson school (William? T? T. Sampson), is located in a Sunset Park area, about 1400 students distributed in two connected buildings. About 80% of the students are learning English, or until recently mastered the language. Some of them come from Mexico, Poland, Russia and Pakistan, but most of them come from China: 83% of them speak Chinese at home. 13 of all the students in the school, including almost all of them, came to the country this year. According to the "New York Times" website reported on 23 November, as many schools in New York City, most of the students in 160th public schools are not rich, but some of the other challenges facing the school is very special: there are hundreds of not only just came to this school and the country every year, and even with their parents the students are not familiar with. The School Coordinator Marie? Zhu said that in the United States, was born in Chinese new immigrant families of students, mostly in infancy and was sent back to China, with relatives living for several years, so that their parents will be able to go out to make money. While the child is not around, the parents — many of whom are borrowing to the United States — will work hard, often due to changes in the work running in all parts of the United states. Reported that the children to school age, parents will be back to the u.s.. "This situation is not uncommon in our country," said Patrick, a social worker at the school. He said he had recently asked a mother at school: "how many times have you seen a child in six years?" "She replied, ‘may have been together for a few months," said sue. Reported that the school opened a class of music, art and other subjects, so that parents can accompany the child, and not because of work or stay at home may occur some of the things and distraction. Sue also for parents to do training classes, teach them how to control the child, how to talk with the child. "This is a place where they can be light of heart from care, spend time here," President Margaret Russo said? "They don’t know each other, we want to make their relationship more intimate." Chairman of the 160th Public School Parents Association Chen Wenming (sound) said that she and her husband, son in less than a year old when he was sent to live with her husband Chinese. Before settling in New York, she worked in different places, such as Ohio and Michigan, to pay off debts owed to the United states. Chen Wenming said that when his son came back from China, the situation is very bad". During his life in China, he said, he was exposed to dangerous levels of lead, and has so far been plagued with learning disabilities. "The first time I saw him, his eyes were hollow," Chen Wenming said. She and her husband have a daughter, currently in the vicinity of kindergarten. Have a son a lesson, she refused your daughter to Chinese. Reported,"相关的主题文章: