China’s top 20 dairy industry summit held in China will promote the structural reform of the cagliari exchange

20 Chinese dairy industry summit   China will promote the dairy industry supply side structural reforms — food channel — summit site pictures August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Ceng Xuan Ma Xiaohui) in August 26th, Chinese dairy industry 20 strong peaks and the revitalization of the dairy industry conference held in Hebei city in Shijiazhuang Province, China will accelerate the dairy supply side structural reform to enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry, Chinese. At the meeting, the Minister of agriculture Han Changfu delivered a keynote speech, the participants of China’s dairy industry on behalf of the top 20 enterprises jointly made the "Declaration of the revitalization of China’s dairy industry". Han Changfu in a keynote speech pointed out that a cup of milk a strong nation, not well-off society does not have the milk, ten Chinese does not have its own national dairy industry. China has about 1000000 farmers, about 10000000 cows, hundreds of milk prices, there are billions of people in the expanding market, we must vigorously develop the dairy industry, to speed up the revitalization of the national dairy industry, for all Chinese can drink milk, drink milk quality and make unremitting efforts. Han Changfu said that China’s dairy industry in recent years, significantly enhance the quality of a comprehensive revitalization of the foundation, there are conditions, there is hope for the revitalization of the dairy industry to be full of confidence. In the new stage of development, China’s dairy industry to promote, we should focus on reducing costs, excellent structure, quality, brand, increase vitality, to achieve leapfrog development of China’s dairy industry. Strive to 2020 dairy industry as a whole into the ranks of the world’s advanced, to the whole world into the ranks of the dairy industry in 2025. Han Changfu said that in the future the Department should focus on five aspects: to force the construction of high quality milk bases, kind of good grass, raise a cattle, producing good milk; focus on improving the modern dairy quality supervision system, strict production, strong supervision, brand "to promote the integration of breeding and processing; the starting point, realize the dairy farmers milk prices win-win cooperation; to co-ordinate the use of the two markets and two resources for the layout, enhance the international competitiveness in dairy industry; to promote the guidance and innovation of marketing as the focal point, and constantly improve the level of dairy consumption. At the same time, he proposed to Chinese dairy industry 20 strong enterprises three hope: they create Chinese dairy industry 20 strong enterprises alliance brand, to become the industry leader in the development; strict quality and safety control, as a defender of the quality of dairy products; social responsibility, become the industry foundation of the guardian. In recent years, China’s dairy industry vigorously carry out rectification and revitalization, quality supervision, the development of dairy industry has made great progress: in 2015, the national raw milk and dairy products sampling qualified rate reached 99.3% and 99.5%, melamine sampling pass rate for 7 consecutive years in 100%, the scale of farm milk protein, milk fat and other indicators have reached the level of developed countries. Dairy market share of the top 20 enterprises have more than 50%, many products in the international award-winning. During the summit, Chinese dairy industry 20 strong enterprises also signed the "China declaration" solemn commitment to the revitalization of the dairy industry, do industry, quality industry, industry and industry do harmonious do open, with good milk, milk powder, good good dairy consumers win, win credibility and respect, leading driving the overall revitalization of the national dairy industry. (Gao Yinan, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: