China will establish a unified Medicare system for urban and rural residents from 2017 – Chongqing C-mmc.exe

China will establish a unified Medicare system for urban and rural residents from 2017 – Chongqing channel — Ministry of human resources and social security issued 9 notice, proposed accelerate urban and rural basic medical insurance integration, and strive to achieve before the end of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) the introduction of integration scheme, Medicare system for urban and rural residents in 2017 began to establish a unified. Notification requirements to improve the Medicare payment mechanism, improve the interest regulation mechanism, guide the masses orderly treatment, let the hospital have the power of rational drug use and control the cost, power and referral of patients were reasonable, normative the behavior of medical institutions, stimulate endogenous power cost control. At the same time, we should improve the medical insurance financing and treatment adjustment mechanism, and gradually establish a stable and sustainable financing mechanism for basic medical insurance, which is compatible with the level of economic and social development and the bearing capacity of all parties, and improve the basic medical insurance adjustment mechanism corresponding to the financing level. To improve the urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system. In the basic medical insurance to accelerate the national network and remote medical immediate settlement, notice requirements to ensure that next year the basic realization of inter provincial relocation of retirees hospitalization cost of direct settlement, by the end of 2017, the basic realization of remote medical referral in accordance with provisions of the hospitalization expenses of direct settlement. In addition, the notice also proposed to improve the medical insurance management mechanism, accelerate the establishment of personnel compensation system in line with the characteristics of the medical industry, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of medical staff and other requirements. (reporter Gao Jing, Xu Bo) (cover: pure, commissioning editor?)

我国将从2017年开始建立统一的城乡居民医保制度–重庆频道–人民网   人力资源和社会保障部9日发布通知,提出加快推动城乡基本医保整合,努力实现年底前所有省(区、市)出台整合方案,2017年开始建立统一的城乡居民医保制度。   通知要求健全医保支付机制,健全利益调控机制,引导群众有序就诊,让医院有动力合理用药、控制成本,有动力合理收治和转诊患者,激发医疗机构规范行为、控制成本的内生动力。   同时,健全医保筹资和待遇调整机制,逐步建立与经济社会发展水平、各方承受能力相适应的基本医保稳定可持续筹资机制,健全与筹资水平相适应的基本医保待遇调整机制。要完善城乡居民大病保险制度。   在加快推进基本医保全国联网和异地就医直接结算方面,通知要求确保明年开始基本实现跨省异地安置退休人员住院费用直接结算,2017年底,基本实现符合转诊规定的异地就医住院费用直接结算。   此外,通知还提出健全医保经办机制,加快建立符合医疗行业特点的人事薪酬制度,调动医务人员积极性创造性等要求。(记者高敬、徐博) (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章: