China silk fashion show costumes and fashion, held in Sydney –

"China silk fashion show" costumes and fashion, held in Sydney – Beijing, Beijing, November 5 Sydney Xinhua (reporter Lai Hailong) jointly organized by the Sydney Chinese cultural center and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture, the costumes and fashion — China silk fashion show "5 held in downtown Sydney’s commercial street. The catwalk fashion through the "Chinese red" and "ink" and "blue and white porcelain", China traditional elements, in traditional Chinese painting, hand-painted landscape, and embroidery as a source of inspiration and reflection, "harmony", "low-key and elegant", "ancient and China reserved" cultural characteristics and contemporary cultural context the aesthetic characteristics of the times combined, in highlighting the set of elegant and beautiful and elegant costumes at the same time, highlight the profound connotation of Chinese culture, presents a poem about aesthetics and subtle dialogue for the audience. Zhao Li, director of the Sydney Chinese culture center, said: "the Chinese fashion industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years, and the Chinese fashion brand has been widely praised and recognized on the international stage. Center for planning the large outdoor fashion show, hope that through the integration of modern fashion and China traditional cultural elements, to the Australian public display Chinese contemporary social development and the Chinese spirit, for the local people to fully understand the China provide a new perspective." For adding the atmosphere, enhance the active participation and interactive, Sydney China cultural center in particular show opening and intermittently arranged a wonderful Chinese folk music, and set up Chinese national costume photo session at the scene, the organization of professional photography team for the majority of people personally experience, try Chinese traditional clothing pictures. As the chief designer of the fashion show brand "Gaia legend", Ms. Xiong Ying Long and many industry famous host, popular artists and TV stations to maintain close cooperation, at the same time as the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival, CCTV BTV University Student Film Festival, China International Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival and other large events and "VOGUE", "ELLE fashion and beauty" and "bazaar", "Elle" and other well-known brand magazine provides the overall design services. Day activities not only attracted a large number of local audience to stop watching and enjoy, but also brings together a large number of Australian fashion and entertainment professionals. The activities include the top foreign occupation catwalk shows, folk music and Chinese style clothing pictures of three parts, in a different way for the Australian people offer a great charm of Oriental Fashion Cultural feast. 2, Sydney arts and Science Museum in Sydney China cultural center is also Australia is famous for fashion design specialty, together for the Australian fashion industry held a special performance at the museum, has been highly praised many professional designers.相关的主题文章: