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China selected lunar follow-up tasks scientific payload 20 alternatives – China news agency new network in September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) lunar exploration load creative design solicitation selected 20 winning projects. Wu Yanhua, deputy director of China’s national defense science and Technology Industry Bureau, deputy director of the China National Space Administration, said the project will serve as an alternative to the scientific payload of the lunar exploration mission. "My heart" — the lunar exploration load creative design awards ceremony held in Beijing 20. The event received a total of 257 creative design projects, through expert review, online voting and other processes, elected the first prize of the 3, the other two awards, such as the award of the 10, three. Wu Yanhua said that the China lunar exploration project has successfully launched Chang’e-1, "Chang’e No. two", "the No. three" and "re-entry flight tester, four four czech". The ongoing development of the "third step" lunar exploration target project. "By the end of 2017, with the launch of the long march five rocket launch of Chang E No. five lunar sampling return detector." Wu Yanhua said, not only to work hard to complete the project goals, but also to do scientific popularization. By the national defense science and Industry Bureau, the Ministry of education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other agencies jointly launched the lunar probe payload design is a popular science attempt. According to reports, the final selection of the best creative program, will be handed over to the development of qualified research units, the future has the opportunity to take the lander landed on the moon. China chief designer of lunar exploration project, Wu Weiren said, although the United States and the former Soviet Union has carried out 120 times of lunar exploration, lunar Chinese still has three characteristics: the late start but started high, with the latest technology to achieve lunar launch times less; but the success rate is high, "the United States and the Soviet Union the average success rate of less than 50%, we are now 100%" less investment but high returns. Wu Weiren said that at present, Chang’e three lander work well, plans to launch in 2018, Chang’e four, the first to achieve a soft landing of the lunar probe on the back of the human. The purpose is to achieve the sampling return of Chang E five detector consists of four parts, the former Soviet Union, a total of three non monthly sampling of soil back to the total of 373 grams, China will use the method of collecting the lunar soil. Wang Duanyang, a sophomore at Renmin University of China, was awarded the two prize with the deep soil temperature detection device. He had a dream that he would turn the moon into a new home for mankind. (end)相关的主题文章: