China launches pulsar navigation test satellite to explore spacecraft autonomous navigation-9c8836

China will launch the pulsar navigation test satellite exploration spacecraft autonomous navigation – Beijing China will launch the pulsar navigation satellite test to explore the feasibility of spacecraft autonomous navigation technology in October 13, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Bai Guolong) reporter 13 from five Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group was informed that in November 2016 Chinese will launch a pulsar navigation test the satellite (XPNAV – 1), verification based on X ray pulse spacecraft autonomous navigation satellite technology feasibility. China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five pulsar navigation test satellite science mission system designer Shuai Ping introduced that the pulsar is a neutron star, is a star remains nuclear depleted, periodicity is extremely stable, the stability of the hydrogen maser is the most stable even higher than the current more than 10 thousand times, is the most stable the nature of the "astronomical clock". "Unlike satellite navigation to earth centroid as the reference point of time and space, pulsar navigation is on the centroid as the reference point of time and space, the X ray pulsar signal for natural beacons, by measuring the pulse arrival time, the spacecraft autonomous determination of the location and time parameters." Shuai Ping said. This tiny satellite developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Group five, weighs only more than and 200 kg, equipped with a collimating micro channel plate detector and grazing focusing detector two kinds of detectors, completed three test tasks according to plan: try in space environment test and verify X ray detector performance of two types of study on the response mechanism of the universe, the background noise and detector; detection of the Crab pulsar pulse or binary system, extracting the pulsar profile; long time cumulative observations of 3 low flow pulsars, establish a test database system, explore the pulse star navigation system verification. The pulsar navigation test satellite commander and chief designer Xue Lijun said that the development of pulsar navigation satellite test, it is only in the study of satellite navigation technology pulse in the journey of a small step, I hope that we can give more tolerance and encouragement, hope that through the "seemingly not reliable innovation", "not reliable" into "reliable". It is understood that the pulsar navigation technology is the current international space technology research hot spot, it does not depend on the existing system of navigation satellites, spacecraft can significantly reduce the dependence on ground control system, enhance the anti jamming system and independent living ability. This technology is expected to provide autonomous navigation for deep space exploration and interplanetary flight in the future.相关的主题文章: