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China 799 yuan intelligent table behind the ambitions of wings will fly – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | April lead: if there is no millet Bracelet by price war under the "China" wearable share, may not have today’s achievements; and the lack of a meter behind to China chase, millet is also difficult to rank in the top three global smart wearable. Today, has been relying on the ecological chain millet grew up in China, launched 799 yuan the first smart watches, and "try" the mentality of the independent brand, although the crown on the Amazfit brand, but we still call "China Watch" is. Two months ago, China produced millet Bracelet sales exceeded 20 million, 2 generation Bracelet immediately on sale. In the create success and reputation for millet, some people are assuming China consciously and millet brand differentiation, emphasizing the independent brand. To the "China Watch" is intentional. In addition, a new smart watch industry: still do business conference site by Amazfit LOGO on millet, the shadow is hard to find. As the founder and CEO of China, Huang Wang person presided over the entire conference, said the advent of the new long watch, also talked about his entrepreneurial story. It is surprising that, before the launch of the consumer watch, Huang Wang first disclosed the layout of the industry in the market. He said that in 2015 with the sports brand Lining smart shoes, smart chip of China began to start a business of industry users. Among them, China Zhi core smart shoes has sold more than 1 million pairs. Now China Zhi core applied to running shoes, gym, sports equipment, general security and other fields, can achieve the positioning, monitoring, security, attendance and other functions. According to Huang Wang, China Zhi core team leader is specially invited from Google, Goole Bluetooth connection technology for the B end of the company’s business; now there are about 40 people in the follow-up project landing time in July last year. Subsequently, the theme of the conference was pulled back to the consumer market. According to Huang Wang introduction, the launch of China watches has been brewing for 18 months, and took out just before adding millet do Z-Watch watch. Talk about adding millet, from watches to the bracelet, bracelet to watch the product conversion, although Huang Wang only "smart wearable" with a word, but there are still some subtle relationship, mentioned in the post. According to Huang Wang introduction, this is an era of intelligent hardware sports watch". Although he had previously revealed ambition in the field of intelligent medical, but the watch is still mainly prominent GPS positioning, heart rate monitoring of two sports functions. Positioning is very clear, the user’s stickiness lies in the movement, Huang Wang explained in the subsequent interview. China watches using PPG optical heart rate sensor, rely on Algorithms and data base of previously accumulated in the bracelet in the product. The watchband, air and other non – human heart rate measuring error, Huang Wang said, are more accurate than monitoring apple watch. In the algorithm level, china.相关的主题文章: