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Children like playing games, do not love to learn how to do mathematics? Sohu – maternal child nature to play games, do not love mathematics how to do? WeChat public number MYDOUDOUCUBE reply 007 creative play, play science, mathematics play series of the essence of article to reply all kinds of English learning resources and the sharing of attention to children’s psychological development and play school AC S dad believes that children’s mathematics should be see, touch it, or even to eat! The children’s contact with mathematics begins with practice. Such a math lesson how children do not love! Children’s lives can not be separated from the game, it is the most important activities of children, but also the most suitable for children’s physical and mental development activities. So, we will abstract mathematical knowledge have children interested in the game in order to let the children get rid of the number of abstract concepts, in a variety of game footlose in participation, experience, feelings and learning mathematics knowledge preliminary. Children’s mathematical game activities, including the plot of mathematical games, the operation of mathematical games, sports games and mathematical games. The plot of the mathematical game game runs through a theme, through the plot of the game to reflect the mathematical knowledge to be learned. For example, mathematics activities "at the age of 3 and 1 stages of understanding, we design many" "chicken catch worms" of the game, teachers and children’s play "1 chicken mother" and "a lot of chickens". "Chicken mother" in the game of "chicken" tone asked "nice weather today, my mother took you on the lawn to catch insects, each chick caught 1 worms, and then come to the mother." "A bug and a lot of bugs," he says, "1" and "many" in this series. This allows children to master the rudiments of mathematics knowledge, but also to promote the development of children’s observation, imagination and thinking ability. Home Linsky, a famous educationist in the former Soviet Union, once said: "the flower of wisdom is on the tip of the finger." It can be seen that the activity of operation is very important to promote the children to master the elementary mathematics knowledge. Children only through their own activities, in order to obtain the object of the operation of the emotional experience of mathematics, finishing mathematical representation, the initiative to understand and construct the abstract concept of the initial number. In the operation of the game, first of all, we should create a suitable environment for children’s activities and provide the necessary conditions. At the age of 4 as the theme of mathematical activities "counting every kind of number", we provide a mathematical game theme box series a staff of one for every child, and then let the children in enough space full consideration and exploration, operation, learning at the same time to record in the number sense, also let the children to each other this kind of communication and discussion through the specific operation to the development of children’s initial number concept, learning mathematics knowledge preliminary. The mathematics education into play, not only can let the children love mathematics in the relaxed atmosphere, and children can independently explore and interesting and novel gaming experience obtained in number, shape knowledge and experience. Baby’s favorite textbook of mathematics! Li相关的主题文章: