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Chengdu fried tenants to buy 60 Suites was the rumor said the industry developers want to run as soon as the amount of profit one hundred million Chengdu fried tenants to buy 60 Suites was the rumor said the industry developers want to run as soon as the amount of profit "as you say, you buy now, when the new year will earn 300 thousand." Model 100 square apartment layout Chengdu German home sales representative of German and British sebang pointing about, "when the house in April and May sold 9000 yuan per square meter, 15000 yuan per square meter sold now." This is the first financial reporter at the scene to see the contents of the sale. This is the real estate prices in the same time, in September 21st came the news that the Chengdu property market shocked – a one-time purchase of 60 Suites from Zhejiang customers, turnover of about $100 million". The news quickly spread on social media, and many other real estate also claimed that by the nouveau riche shopping spree. Although the news immediately in 23 was the German home itself the rumor, but for a time, "real mission airborne Chengdu" news seems to be rampant. Stimulated by these factors, the first financial found that these two days more than the opening of the Chengdu real estate liquidation, some real estate prices issued a notice of opportunity. If there are rumors to create panic in September 21st that "the purchase of the 60 suite" news that day, to interview the German home marketing director Jiang Chuan, Jiang Chuan said, the customer to choose just last week the opening of Building 8 houses, pick is 110-130 square metres of the large-sized apartment, accompanied by the purchase of a lawyer, and in accordance with each 60 thousand yuan. Has the early delivery of 3 million 600 thousand yuan deposit. After this news release, the Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei questioned on its personal WeChat number. Zhang Dawei believes that this is the origin of the news and the production is from the beginning of September 21st, in the afternoon of September 21st to pay a deposit of 60 thousand after the purchase of the house, then the evening of 9 this news has appeared in the media! According to the normal sources, the big speculators, is the exclusive sales resources, because the customer is the main gold sales, will actively protect the source of the message, but why in the small set, the sales director on the positive exposure to the media? Zhang Dawei stressed, "this news is true? If it is true, then the Chengdu Municipal Construction Committee should review, if not true, the creation of this news spread, is not suspected of a crime?" The evening of September 23rd, the German real estate issued a statement on its official WeChat public number, the net transfer of a one-time customers purchase our German and British sebang project 60 houses that are not true, because the two sides failed to reach a purchase agreement, the customer has returned." This is a statement on the Sino German home ownership in its WeChat denied. For the German home September 23rd disclaimer, public outcry. Some people think that the publication of false news, developers speculation prices, creating panic, a thorough investigation should, some people think that this is the developers under pressure to. Finance and economics, the first deputy director of the Department of marketing planning in China and Germany, Ho Ho Ho, he said, all the company’s statement shall prevail, no comment on the concerns of public opinion. However, despite this fact was denied, but the property market in Chengdu did not calm down, but on相关的主题文章: