Chengdu, a man with a knife scratch several people fled after the road has been arrested-ca1816

Chengdu, a man with a knife to scratch along a number of people have been arrested after the escape – Beijing Youth Online (11 September, Chengdu Youth Daily China? Youth online reporter Wang Xinxin) Chengdu Wuhou District City, September 10th at 20 am intentional injury cases occurred, a man with a knife to scratch along a number of people after the escape, injured skin scratch no danger. The suspect was arrested at 11 am at about 1 am. After the incident, the network rumors on this "cut people event". Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Wuhou District branch after a preliminary investigation to identify the identity of the suspect, and in the evening released the basic information of the case, in response to public concern. The official micro-blog "safe Wuhou" released in the 23:20 news that evening, according to the suspect workers reflected on the afternoon of 10 suspects suddenly mental disorders, and knife injury passers-by. The 11 day at 1:48 in the morning, "peace Wuhou" once again announced that, after the police work in the Wuhou District area, cluster Kam Wan Hing Road and arrested the suspect. The suspect surnamed Wu, male, 42 years old, Muchuan County of Sichuan city in Leshan province. Currently, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: