Changde man more than 40 million illegal absorb public funds for the elderly cheated 97179

The Changde men’s illegal absorb public funds for the elderly are more than 40 million original title: Changde men’s illegal absorption of public funds 40 million victims for the elderly Red Net News Changde ChangDe Railway Station September 22nd Zhou man without obtaining financing license qualification case, illegal absorb public funds more than 4000 yuan, a number of elderly victims. In September 21, 2016, the legal representative of Hunan bright Asset Management Co., Ltd. was arrested on suspicion of illegally absorbing deposits. In April 2013, the suspect Zhou together with others in Changde to set up a light Asset Management Company Limited, through the talent market recruitment channels such as hiring staff, and the establishment of investment department, responsible for the development of investors. The company without the approval of the people’s Bank, without obtaining financing license qualification case, organization clerk Street leaflets and asked the staff in their own relatives and friends, for publicity for the company’s commitment to finance the project, debt maturity, absorb public funds. Nearly 200 people have been involved in the fund raising, involving more than 4000 yuan, of which a large number of participants are old people. At present, the whereabouts of funds are still under investigation. In September 21, 2016, the people’s Procuratorate of Wuling decided to approve the arrest of suspects zhou. Changde Wuling District People’s Procuratorate to remind the public, finance and investment need to be cautious, do not covet small profits, and capital, should choose rational investment enterprises, financial institutions financing license qualification. (red net ChangDe Railway Station correspondent Tang Liangjie)

常德男子非法吸收公众资金4千万 多为老人受骗 原标题:常德男子非法吸收公众资金4000万 受骗者多为老人红网常德站9月22日讯 常德男子周某在未取得融资许可资质的情况下,非法吸收社会公众资金4000余万元,受骗者多为老人。2016年9月21日,湖南光亮资产管理有限公司法定代表人周某因涉嫌非法吸收存款罪被批捕。2013年4月,犯罪嫌疑人周某伙同他人在常德市区设立光亮资产管理有限公司,通过人才市场招聘等途径聘请了工作人员,然后设立投资部门,专门负责发展投资者。该公司未经人民银行批准,在未取得融资许可资质的情况下,组织业务员上街散发传单及要求员工在自己的亲朋好友中,对公司的理财项目进行公开宣传,承诺到期还本付息,吸收社会公众资金。现已查明的集资参与人近200人,涉案资金4000余万元,其中,大量集资参与者为老年人。目前,资金去向还在进一步侦查中。2016年9月21日,武陵区人民检察院依法决定批准逮捕犯罪嫌疑人周某。常德市武陵区人民检察院提醒市民,投资理财需谨慎,切忌为贪图小利,而血本无归,应选择有融资许可资质的企业、金融机构理性投资。(红网常德站 通讯员 唐良杰)相关的主题文章: