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# champagne # who is in the Champagne Lounge information is waiting for you? Today morning – Sohu (2016.11.7), and ProWine China 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center grand opening, and as the champagne lovers not to miss you the most is the debut of Champagne Lounge in china! Find E7, and find the Champagne Lounge winery growers 10 in the Champagne region in the form of a combination of appearance, more representative Ms. Wang Yu will Chinese Committee champagne champagne secret for you one by one. We have brought the latest VR film champagne ° so that you can be in Shanghai, in the ProWine will be able to walk into the champagne! In addition to Champagne and Lounge, some winery owner will own champagne personally to Shanghai, as for what is, would you take this list to visit it one by one exhibition. If you miss the opening today, it must not miss tomorrow (2016.11.8) at 13:00-15:00 PM, by the famous Wine consultant Li Demei planned and hosted "brand – brand building Wine emerging markets the importance of" industry forum. By then, Ms. Wang Yu will be entitled Champagne region image building and protection of the special report. May you be surrounded by champagne and wine for the week ahead! The above content is copyrighted by the French champagne industry committee, please indicate the source. Learn more champagne and champagne information please search WeChat public account: ComiteChampagne相关的主题文章: