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Carsem group: WTI crude oil exceeded $50 mark Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Crude oil will go up for seventh consecutive days. US crude oil prices have exceeded $50 barrels for the first time since June. West Dezhou light crude oil (WTI) since the end of the month $44.50 into today’s $50.50 high, $6 gains, substantial gains over 13%. Although some people think buying is slightly excessive, but the current rising momentum is still not visible. Speculators tend to buy dips when they fall short, so far, it’s a very effective trading strategy. After all, the fundamentals of crude oil continue to improve: OPEC plans to reduce production, we also see the U.S. crude oil inventories for the first time in a row for the first time in five weeks to reduce the accident, in view of this, crude oil rising trend is likely to continue for some time. In addition to the supply of down is expected this week, the overall positive U.S. economic data: ISM key manufacturing services industry and PMI both better than expected last week, jobless claims unexpectedly fell to near 43 year low. The dollar denominated prices are also soaring in front of the dollar strong performance, although many people did not care, but this also constitutes another bullish price. In addition to the fundamentals, oil prices in the near future to break through the key short-term resistance may also attract market kinetic energy buying interest. WTI seems to be attacking the past resistance of $50.90. If the failure is successful, the next bullish target is the top $51.65 in the near future. But I think prices can go up further, and certainly not straight. I’m going to focus on $55, and then interesting prices like $59.30 40. As shown below, some Fibonacci level in this intersection, therefore, these levels are also like me this kind of use Fibonacci analysis tools are ideal traders trading profit area. Therefore, WTI may attack to the level of profits, and because of difficult. As far as the present situation is concerned, if we fall below the front resistance of $49.10 or $47.70, we will fall short of the technical level of WTI. Source: eSignal and FOREX. the contents and views contained herein are only general information and have no intention to be considered as a proposal or request for buying or selling any currency or difference contract. The contents and opinions contained in this article may be changed without notice. This article does not consider any specific user’s specific investment objectives, financial status and needs. Any information that quotes historical price fluctuations or price levels is based on our analysis, and does not indicate or prove that such volatility or price levels may occur again in the future. The source of information in this article is believed to be reliable, but the author does not guarantee its accuracy and completeness, and the author is not liable for any direct or indirect loss that may arise from reference to the content and viewpoint of this article. Margin trading in foreign exchange and other products has high risks and is not suitable for all investors. Losses may exceed your account capital injection. Increasing leverage means increasing risk. Spot trading of gold and silver

嘉盛集团:WTI原油突破$50关口 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   原油即将连续第七天上行。美国原油价格自6月以来首次再度突破$50 桶。西德州轻质原油(WTI)自上月底的$44.50攻入今天的$50.50高点,斩获$6,逾13%可观涨幅。尽管有人认为买盘略微过度,但当前上涨势头尽头仍未可见。投机者倾向于短线下跌时逢低买入,迄今为止,这是个非常行之有效的交易策略。毕竟,原油基本面持续改善:欧佩克减产计划以外,我们还看到美国原油库存自一月来首次连续五周意外缩减,鉴于此,原油上涨趋势很可能会继续一段时间。除供应量下行预期,本周重要美国经济数据整体积极:关键的ISM制造业和服务业PMI双双优于预期,上周失业救济申领人数意外降至43年低点附近。美元主导的油价同样在飙涨的美元面前表现坚挺,虽然很多人并未在意,但这也构成另一个油价看涨信号。   除基本面因素外,油价近期突破关键短线阻力可能也会吸引市场动能买盘兴趣。WTI看来正攻向$50.90一线过往阻力。如上破成功,则下一看涨目标为近期区间顶部$51.65。但我认为价格还能进一步走高,当然,不会是直线上行。我会关注$55 ,然后是$59.30 40等有意思的价位。如下图所示,若干斐波拉契水平于此交汇,因此,这些水平也是像我这类运用斐波拉契工具分析交投的交易员们理想的获利了结区域。因此,WTI可能会攻向上述水平,并因获利了结遇阻。就目前情况来看,如跌回前阻力$49.10或$47.70下方,我们对WTI的技术面看涨随之落空。   来源: eSignal and FOREX.   本文所含内容及观点仅为一般信息,并无任何意图被视为买卖任何货币或差价合约的建议或请求。文中所含内容及观点匀可能在不被通知的情况下更改。本文并未考 虑任何特定用户的特定投资目标、财务状况和需求。任何引用历史价格波动或价位水平的信息均基于我们的分析,并不表示或证明此类波动或价位水平有可能在未来 重新发生。本文所载信息之来源虽被认为可靠,但作者不保证它的准确性和完整性,同时作者也不对任何可能因参考本文内容及观点而产生的任何直接或间接的损失 承担责任。   外汇和其他产品保证金交易存在高风险,不适合所有投资者。亏损可能超出您的账户注资。增大杠杆意味着增加风险。黄金、白银现货交易不受《美国商品交易法案》的监管。差价合约(CFDs)不对美国居民提供。在决定交易外汇之前,您需仔细考虑您的财务目标、经验水平和风险承受能力。文中所含任何意见、新闻、研究、分析、报价或其他信息等都仅作与本文所含主题相关的一般类信息,同时FOREX不提供任何投资、法律或税务的建议。您需要合适的顾问征询所有关于投资、法律或税务方面的事宜。FOREX在美国受商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)监管,在英国受金融行为监管局(FCA)监管,在澳大利亚受证券投资委员会(ASIC)监管,在日本受金融服务厅(FSA)监管。请阅读Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options   撰文:Fawad Razaqzada   2016-10-7 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Subdivision leading listed three new board Puppy appliances and other vertical to promote high gross 一枝春桥夕

The leading sub listed on the new board: Puppy appliances vertical promoting high margin reporter Livy Beijing reported as emission layer, three new board private institutions making industry positive, the total number of listed company and the surge since 2015, more leading sub sectors are seeking new sanban. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter recently from the National SME share transfer system (hereinafter referred to as stock transfer system) was informed that the electrical appliance industry as a puppy online in leading the field of cleaner, recently also disclosed "public transfer instructions" (hereinafter referred to as the "one book"), which means that the distance a step closer to listing. In fact, from the beginning of the new three board, industry segmentation leading beach listing phenomenon is not uncommon. For example, the game in the field of payment Yuan Technology (832028), the 99 mutual entertainment gaming marketing industry (836385), the clean ship manufacturing by environmental protection (831846) and already have landed, according to the analysis of CITIC Securities, a new three people, three new board of the leading sub – there may be hundreds of. According to the insiders, mostly leading sub sectors competing layout three new board listed reasons, on the one hand is the total number of three new board expansion, seize the market, betting bonus system may potentially; on the other hand, and the company by the new board specification for their own business and improve the visibility of the appeal is not without relevance. "The new three board listing rhythm has been controlled, many of the proposed listed company is also considering whether the follow-up policy will change, so many companies are also at this point to seize the listing rhythm." A person of Sino Thai Securities believes that, compared with the general company, there is industry segmentation leading concept of listed company will also have a stronger impulse to advance." Subdivision leading beachhead logic from 2014 new three board expansion, similar to the puppy electrical industry leader such subdivision is not uncommon. "Industry leader" mostly appear on the motherboard, and before the new board has already appeared more industry segmentation leader, and these subdivision leader’s attention is also improving." CITIC Securities said three new board business people said. "Because there are so many industries, there may be more than a few hundred, like many people who didn’t know before, and the new third board was noticed." The personage expresses. In the eyes of the industry, the list of leading companies have been listed behind the new board, with the number of new three Board companies increased, as well as listing, listed company intends to try to standardize the vision of corporate governance structure. One of the aims of listing the new three board is to further standardize the operation of the enterprise. "The puppy appliances have to apply for the listing of three new board, the main management company is preferred to the three new board, through the application of three new board listing, to realize the standardization operation of the company as soon as possible, and open up the capital market channel." Tan Chong told the economic news reporter of twenty-first Century. Industry researchers believe that with the deepening of professional market segmentation and the market is becoming increasingly vertical, part of the industry segments market concentration or greater room for improvement

细分龙头挂牌新三板:小狗电器等垂直化促高毛利率   本报记者 李维 北京报道   随着新三板分层、私募机构做市等行业利好的涌出,加之2015年以来挂牌公司总数的骤增,更多的行业细分龙头正在谋求新三板挂牌。   21世纪经济报道记者日前从全国中小企业股份转让系统(下称股转系统)获悉,作为在线家电业中的吸尘器领域龙头的小狗电器,日前也披露了《公开转让说明书》(下称《公转书》),这意味着其距离挂牌更近一步。   事实上,从新三板设立之初,行业细分龙头抢滩挂牌的现象就并不鲜见。例如游戏支付领域的汇元科技(832028)、电竞营销行业的九九互娱(836385)、水面清洁船制造的飞驰环保(831846)等早已纷纷登陆,据中信证券一位新三板人士分析,新三板中的细分龙头可能会有数百家之多。   业内人士认为,大多行业细分龙头争相布局新三板挂牌的原因,一方面在于新三板公司总数不断扩张下,抢抓、押注该市场可能潜在的制度红利;另一方面也和该类公司通过新三板规范自身经营、提高其知名度的诉求不无关联。   “目前新三板挂牌的节奏已经在控制了,许多拟挂牌公司也是在考虑后续政策是否会有所变化,所以不少公司也在这个时点抓紧推进挂牌节奏。”中泰证券一位人士认为,“和一般公司相比,有行业细分龙头概念的拟挂牌公司也会有更强的推进冲动。”   细分龙头抢滩逻辑   从2014年新三板扩容加速后,类似于小狗电器这样的细分行业龙头并不鲜见。   “行业龙头大多出现在主板上,而新三板之前就已经比较多的出现的是行业细分龙头,而且这些细分龙头的受关注度也在提高。”前述中信证券新三板业务人士称。   “因为细分化后的行业非常多,可能会超过数百家,像许多人之前不知道的一些细分龙头,也是因为挂牌新三板被注意到了。”该人士表示。   在业内人士看来,细分龙头纷纷挂牌新三板的背后,与新三板公司数量增多以及挂牌、拟挂牌公司试图规范企业治理结构的愿景有关。   例如此次拟挂牌的小狗电器董事长檀冲认为,挂牌新三板的目的之一是进一步规范企业运作。   “小狗电器之所以申请新三板挂牌,主要是公司管理层属意于新三板的优势,通过申请新三板挂牌,力图尽快实现公司的规范化运营,打通与资本市场的通道。”檀冲告诉21世纪经济报道记者。   行业研究人士认为,随着专业领域市场细分的深化和市场日趋垂直化,部分行业细分领域市场集中度或有较大的提升空间,而这也是促使市场关注行业细分龙头的原因。   以小狗电器为例,据中怡康数据统计,在线上吸尘器市场中,小狗电器的销售量、销售额份额占比连续三年处于龙头位置。   2015年,小狗电器以销售量份额占比14.2%、销售额份额占比19.5%占据线上吸尘器市场的首位,甚至超过了销量、零售额占比分别为8.4%和12.3%的飞利浦。   “从销量的绝对占比可以看出,行业竞争仍然比较激烈,排名首位的占比不足20%。”9月14日,一位家电行业研究员坦言,“不过在这种诸如吸尘器的细分领域,一些中小厂商的退出和兼并,预示着未来仍然有市场更加集中的空间,这也是这些细分龙头在产业资本层面的机会。”   不过从数据来看,小狗电器的零售量、零售额占有率虽然排名首位,但2013-2015年间其市占率是在不断下滑的——即零售量份额从2013年的37.8%下滑至14.2%;零售额也由42.3%下降至19.5%。   细分下的毛利率优势   细分领域龙头带来的一个优势,是其业务毛利率相对更高。   以国内家电行业的传统龙头美的集团(000333.SZ)、苏泊尔(002032.SZ)等上市公司为例,据两家公司半年报披露,美的集团整体毛利率为 29.33%;苏泊尔整体毛利率30.44%。   而据《公转书》披露,小狗电器拥有更高的毛利水平。2016年前4个月,小狗电器整体业务毛利率(含主营业务)达到49.90%。   “细分领域在毛利率上有更好的垂直和综合溢价,因此能够做到更高的毛利率,可能许多细分龙头领域都存在毛利率比较高的情况。”前述家电研究员指出,“不过家电龙头公司的毛利率也和规模增多后带来的整体摊薄有关。”   而从营收规模的维度来看,小狗电器的营业收入体量也已趋近于少数A股公司的水平。   据小狗电器财报显示,该公司2014 年、2015 年的营收分别为1.28亿元、2.34亿元,而据WIND数据显示,其2015年的营业收入已经超过了178家上市公司的业绩。   不过即使营收已达亿元级别,该公司的净利润仍然有限,数据显示2014、2015、2016年前四个月的净利润分别仅为771.35万元、603.73万元和679.05万元,这一业绩距离当前的上市公司整体水平仍然有一定距离。   而在业内人士看来,随着新三板市场环境愈加成熟,不排除后续会有更多不满足主板要求的行业细分龙头前往新三板挂牌。   “细分领域的龙头体量比较有限,但随着新三板市场环境的成熟,制度红利的进一步释放,不排除未来会有更多行业龙头前往挂牌。”前述中信证券人士认为,“但是政策收紧也是趋势,这些细分龙头企业也应该抓紧推进挂牌事宜。”   (编辑:李新江) 进入【新三板主题吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Multilateral international risk mood reproduction hedge across the board pressure 郑州大学护理学院

Tonghui International: risk sentiment reproduction hedge, full pressure clients look at the latest market, the Asian stock market and the European stock market across the board on Monday, to boost the market risk appetite sentiment, the dollar index again upward. The European Central Bank [micro-blog] President Delaki continues to bias doves, and the euro is under pressure. After the loss of hedge support, the yen and gold as a hedge against currencies were down, and commodity currencies rose slightly. European Central Bank President Delagi in last night’s statement said that if the financial market volatility forecasting eurozone economic outlook, the ECB will take action to ensure that monetary policy can be transmitted to the real economy. Delaki’s speech last night, consistent with his consistent dovish stance, affected the euro’s decline against the dollar to 0.92%, at 1.1151. European stock markets rose sharply. Saudi oil minister Ali  al-Naimi will meet with Russian oil minister Alexander  and Novak in Doha, Qatar in February 16th to discuss the crude oil market issues. The market expects the meeting to achieve a certain degree of agreement on crude oil production reduction, the expected reduction in production to boost Brent crude oil futures in April short-term rise of $0.3. [event] financial data with today’s focus on Tuesday February 16, 2016   08:30  the RBA monetary policy meeting minutes released by   17:30  UK January CPI monthly rate, UK January retail price index rate of   18:00  German ZEW economic sentiment index in February, eurozone February ZEW economic sentiment index in   21:30  February New York fed manufacturing index.   23:00  NAHB housing market index for February single advice: spot gold fell below: early integer points, 119 days concerns. Support 1188-1191, 1212-1222 resistance gbpjpy: pressed above strong, breaking the follow-up single, support 164.90-165.20, 165.80-166.45 drag the euro against the yen: the euro and the yen than weak, four hours figure slightly breakthrough, support 127.70-128.00, resistance 128.70-129.00: below the neckline, short, support 1.1135-1.1150, resistance 1.1210-1.1230 pounds: continue concussion, buy low sell high, support 1.4390-1.4410, 1.4510-1.4530 resistance: the continuation of the upward trend, the Australian dollar intraday test pupil watershed support 0.7100-0.7110, 0.7190-0.7210 resistance, Sina said in a statement sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and the risks are self. 通汇国际:风险情绪再现 避险全线承压 客户端 查看最新行情   周一亚洲股市与欧洲股市全线回暖,提振市场风险偏好情绪,美元指数再度上行。欧洲央行[微博]行长德拉基发言继续偏向鸽派,欧元承压下行。失去避险支持之后,作为避险货币的日元与黄金均承压下跌,商品货币小幅上涨。   欧央行行长德拉吉在昨晚的发言表示,若金融市场波动影响欧元区经济前景展望,欧央行将采取行动,以确保货币政策能传导到实体经济中。德拉基昨晚的发言与其一贯的鸽派立场一致,受此影响,欧元兑美元跌幅扩大至0.92%,报1.1151。欧洲股市大幅上涨。   沙特石油部长Ali al-Naimi将于2月16日在卡塔尔首都多哈会见俄罗斯石油部长Alexander Novak,以讨论原油市场问题。市场寄望此次会见能对原油减产问题达成一定程度的一致,减产的预期提振布伦特4月原油期货短线上涨0.3美元。   【今日重点关注的财经数据与事件】2016年2月16日 周二   ① 08:30 澳洲联储公布货币政策会议纪要   ② 17:30 英国1月CPI月率、英国1月零售物价指数月率   ③ 18:00 德国2月ZEW经济景气指数、欧元区2月ZEW经济景气指数   ④ 21:30 美国2月纽约联储制造业指数   ⑤ 23:00 美国2月NAHB房产市场指数   做单建议:   现货黄金:早盘跌破整数关口,日内关注119。支撑1188-1191,阻力1212-1222   英镑兑日元:上方压制较强,突破跟进多单,支撑164.90-165.20,阻力165.80-166.45   欧元兑日元:欧元与日元比弱,四小时图小幅突破,支撑127.70-128.00,阻力128.70-129.00欧元:跌破颈线位,做空为主,支撑1.1135-1.1150,阻力1.1210-1.1230   英镑:延续震荡走势,高抛低吸,支撑1.4390-1.4410,阻力1.4510-1.4530澳元:延续上行走势,日内测试多空分水岭,支撑0.7100-0.7110,阻力0.7190-0.7210 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

Tencent have flourishing empire after the 00 crisis, social crowd in the rise of science and technol 蝇营狗苟的意思

Tencent have flourishing empire after the 00 crisis, social crowd in the rise of science and technology Sohu Wen Li East (micro signal: lidonglou) though years have passed more than a month, but for the Chinese people, but the spring festival would not open a new chapter. And in the East after the end of the Spring Festival holiday, launched "the article forecast" series of Internet industry. East will be according to their own for each familiar with the industry and field observations, to do some of their own judgments and predictions. This is the third article in this series, and I’m looking at the mobile Internet social networking. (exchange, please contact WeChat: lidonglou and Lee Dong Lou), Tencent Empire also has the crisis, user growth slowed down or even negative growth in the domestic Tencent, no doubt, is worthy of the name of the social realm. Its WeChat, mobile QQ and QQ space become one of the most active social applications for domestic users. Especially WeChat, through the WeChat group and friends circle these two later online function, will many people in QQ and micro-blog social habits have moved to WeChat up. However, WeChat worries this is so-called things, WeChat worries is the user viscosity is too large. Too much stickiness will eventually make people feel like a burden, not a relaxed social atmosphere before. In fact, the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong may have seen this risk, in a speech earlier, Zhang Xiaolong put forward a view that a good product is not as much as possible to stick to the user, but allow users to run away. And mobile phone QQ is becoming more and more like another WeChat, which may be the biggest threat to WeChat. After a period of time being suppressed, the mobile phone QQ intends to fully copy the function of WeChat to counterattack. Now it seems that the functional gap between WeChat and QQ on mobile phone is more and more small, and in the aspects of users, the amount of mobile phone users QQ even dominant, but in user stickiness, obviously better than WeChat QQ mobile phone. And in the year, mobile phone QQ is likely to continue to increase the pace of counterattack. But no matter who wins WeChat or mobile phone QQ, Tencent is always the winner. This internal competition incentive mechanism allows Tencent to constantly subvert themselves, and ensure that their social empire is more stable. In the year, mobile social software such as WeChat, mobile QQ and other mobile social software is likely to show a substantial slowdown or even negative growth. This is mainly decided by two factors: first, after the outbreak of the mobile Internet, WeChat and mobile phone users of QQ size has been close to the ceiling. The latest data show that WeChat’s monthly active users have reached 650 million, while the mobile phone QQ users reached 860 million. Although WeChat mobile phone and QQ in the past year soared, but with the user scale approximation overall number of mobile users, there is not much room to rise, especially in the mobile phone QQ quarter growth only%, and reached the peak million monthly active users in WeChat, further growth will be very difficult. Second, due to the rise of audio and video social many personalized, to seize the WeChat and QQ’s mobile phone users, WeChat is likely to become a lot of young user groups phone mail list, or the same as the existence of micro-blog. This is.

腾讯帝国有盛世危机,00后社交人群在崛起-搜狐科技      文 李东楼(微信号:lidonglou)   尽管年已经过去一月有余,但是对于国人来说,不过春节的话就不能算翻开一个新篇章。而东楼在春节长假结束之后,推出《我看互联网的》系列行业预测文章。东楼将根据自己对于各个熟悉行业和领域观察,做一些自己的预测和判断。这是该系列文章的第三篇,我看互联网的之移动社交。(与李东楼交流,请联系微信:lidonglou) 一、腾讯帝国也有危机,用户增长趋缓甚至负增长 毫无疑问,在国内,腾讯是名副其实的社交王国。旗下的微信、手机qq和qq空间一道成为国内用户最为活跃的社交应用。特别是微信,通过微信群和朋友圈这两个后来上线的功能,将很多人在QQ和微博上的社交习惯都搬到了微信上来。不过,微信的隐忧正在于此,所谓的物极必反,微信的隐忧就在于其用户粘性太大。太高的粘性终究会让人感到是一种负担,而不复之前的轻松的社交氛围。实际上,微信之父张小龙可能已经看到这个隐患,在早些时候的一次演讲中,张小龙就提出一个观点就是好的产品不是尽可能黏住用户,而是让用户用完就走。 而手机qq越来越像另一个微信,可能是目前微信最大的威胁。在经历了一段时间被压制之后,手机qq意图全面复制微信的功能进行反击。目前看来,微信与手机qq上的功能性差距越来越小,而在用户量方面,手机qq的用户量甚至还占优,但是在用户的粘性方面,显然手机qq不如微信。而在年里,手机qq很可能会继续加大反击的脚步。但无论微信和手机qq谁胜谁败,但腾讯永远都是赢家。这种内部竞争的激励机制,使得腾讯不断自己颠覆自己,而确保自己的社交帝国越发稳固。 在年里,微信、手机QQ等移动社交软件很可能出现增长大幅减缓甚至负增长的情况。这主要是两个方面的因素决定的:第一,在经历了移动互联网的大爆发之后,微信和手机qq的用户规模已经逼近了天花板。最新的数据显示,微信的月活跃用户已经达到了6.5亿,而手机qq的用户更是达到了8.6亿。尽管微信和手机qq在过去一年猛涨,但是随着用户规模逼近总体移动用户数量,已经没有太多的上涨空间,特别是手机qq上季度的增幅仅有%,而在微信达到亿月活跃用户的高峰时,再往上增长将非常困难。 第二,由于不少个性化的音视频社交的崛起,在抢占微信和手机qq的用户时间,微信还很可能在很多年轻用户群体当中沦为电话通讯录,或者微博一样的存在。这就意味着尽管微信和手机qq对于人们的移动社交方面是一种必备工具,但并不是必须,而在依赖性逐渐降低的情况下,一旦新的社交软件大规模的崛起,就有可能造成用户的大面积流失。 二、陌陌、豆瓣、百度贴吧,商业化是重心 在移动社交用户红利将近的时刻,各大主流的移动社交平台的用户量将不再会如同移动互联网刚刚爆发的前几年凶猛,因此,对于陌陌、豆瓣、百度贴吧来说,接下来的一年当中,最大的问题只有一个,那就是如何商业化? 尤其是对于上市公司陌陌来说,商业化的需求就更为迫切。因此,年,陌陌最需要做的工作就有两个。一是如何提升陌陌用户的价值?这主要可能又需要从用户质量和黏性两个方面着手,第二则是加快商业化的速度,作为一个独立上市的移动社交公司,陌陌目前尚未获得规模化的盈利,而这可能动摇华尔街投资的决心,继而影响股价,因此,对于陌陌来说,如何保证在用户不流失甚至稳步增长的情况下,尽快实现盈利将是年最大的挑战。 豆瓣转型移动互联网姗姗来迟,对于品牌的大规模推广也迟到了。前几天才刚刚在微信朋友圈上投放了“我们的精神家园”品牌广告,尽管此前豆瓣还在北京地铁投放了品牌广告,但几乎没有引起太多的反响。实际上,豆瓣目前最大的问题并不是品牌知名度不够高的问题,而是豆瓣的整个调性太文艺小清新的问题,离文艺越近,离商业也就越远。实际上,就和电影一样,文艺片往往都是叫好不叫座,而一些精心策划的贺岁商业片则赚的盆满钵满。豆瓣的文青特征将其牢牢的圈住了一批年轻的文艺青年,但是却没有办法像圈住更多的具有真正消费能力的中坚人群,此外豆瓣在内容方面也缺乏运营,在这一点甚至比上同样文青聚集的知乎,知乎至少让内容成为了一种社交传播的纽带。 再说下百度贴吧,百度贴吧刚刚遭遇了巨大的公关危机,但这并不妨碍它仍是用户量庞大的一个重要移动社交平台。就用户量来说,百度贴吧的影响力已经足够大,但是在商业化方面,百度贴吧目前显然还缺乏更好的方案和手段,在叫停一些贴吧的商业化之后,百度贴吧在年面临的最大的问题,仍是如何寻找最为妥当的方法,将庞大的用户流量转换为收入,从而摆脱自己一直以来都需要依靠百度母体进行输血的窘境。 三、后社交人群将崛起,用户属性大不同 在年里的移动社交市场上,微信、手机qq一骑绝尘,陌陌、豆瓣、百度贴吧等涛声依旧,并没有什么黑马,此前东楼在别的文章里也阐述过这个观点。尽管足记和小咖秀等都在短时间内刷屏过朋友圈,但是都没有成为黏性十足的刚性社交软件。特别是足记,在爆红一周增长数百万用户,几近于销声匿迹。而小咖秀由于背靠秒拍和微博,目前依然活跃,但难言大红大紫,依然与前面提到的一些移动社交平台的用户规模、用户粘性等方面相差巨大。 在年前,有很多针对后社交或者后社交软件出现,而陌陌就一度被认为是后社交用户为主。实际上进入到年,后出生的最大的年纪也达到了岁,基本上要升入到高中。而最小的孩子有岁,基本上具备了最基本的认知能力,也有了社交的需求。因此,后等新生代的网络社交用户群体正在崛起。不过,与、后不同的是,后一代的社交用户有几个显著的特点: 第一,从小就生活浸淫在互联网的环境当中,特别是见证了移动互联网的大爆发,对于他们来说,使用互联网就如同使用家中的电视、饮水机一样自如,因此,不墨守常规,对于微信、手机QQ、陌陌等社交软件并没有太多的依赖。 第二,他们追求更酷更好玩的社交软件,有更大的意愿去看到外面的世界,他们很可能会尝试一些小众的甚至国外的社交软件,以彰显自己的个性与不同。因此,他们很可能更主动的“翻墙”去使用Facebook、twitter、instagram等。 第三,对于短视频社交软件可能会更加偏爱。不同于后、后经历了从文字到语音,再到视频社交的过程,后基本上从上网之日起,就直接进入了多媒体社交时代。对于他们来说,通过分享短视频来进行社交,还是充分直接的展示自己才华的机会。 总结一下,年的移动社交行业,仍是腾讯系唱主角,陌陌、豆瓣、百度贴吧等唱配角,各种新鲜角色陆续亮相的一年。但是,腾讯系的盛世危机在于用户高速增长不再,配角们的危机在于商业化不顺,而更多的新鲜社交软件的爆发则可能是在多媒体社交领域,音频、短视频社交都到了该爆发的时候,而后社交人群可能在这一年将被充分重视。相关的主题文章:

该公司管理着约300亿日元 宝宝爹地找上门

Japan great fund: Japanese stocks rally has become a spent force U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Bloomberg News 16 reported that Japan’s hedge fund Stats Investment Management Co. said, the Japanese stock market rally has inspired Andouble economics with extreme ease end. The company’s hedge funds in each of the past 10 years have recorded positive returns. The prime minister Abe Shinzo to boost the economy and spur inflation efforts under the impetus of the Japanese stock market in the three years to 2015 rose nearly 80%. These efforts will probably failed, although Andouble economics implemented more than three years, but the Japanese economy in 2015 fourth quarter declined by more than expected. The Bank of Japan in January 29th for the first time ever announced to implement negative interest rate policy. Stats chief investment officer Toru Hashizume said: "Andouble economics provides a special period of time, investors can earn money from almost any asset investment. To make the investment decisions of investors for those Japanese stocks based on the Japanese stock market almost no risk of the creed, with the market fluctuation becomes more intense, they will start leaving. I expect this trend will continue." More and more Japanese hedge funds expect Japan’s stock market volatility will increase, Stats also joined them. J Flag Investment Co. investment advisors, said Japan impose negative interest rates will not ease price fluctuations, and said the company continues to hold cash. The fund management companies in Japan, ranked five. For China worries about economic slowdown and commodity prices fell by the world’s major stock indexes decline, the Topix index fell more than 16% so far this year. And the Japanese stock market fell is accompanied by extreme price volatility, volatility of 10, Topix index soared to the highest level in March 2011 since the earthquake. After last week fell 13%, Monday Topix index jumped 8%, the biggest gain in more than seven years. 30, Topix index volatility index reported 49, ranked first in the 70 stock index tracked by Bloomberg, including emerging and frontier markets, it’s in the back row are Italy, Argentina and greece. Hashizume said, as investors leave the work over the past few years, the investment strategy this year could no longer work. The company manages about 30 billion yen ($263 million) of assets. With the Chinese economies such as growth tepid, consumption reduction, Hashizume fund is shorting the production of smart mobile phone parts of the company, and the company believes that the high valuation of the security software company. He is unwilling to disclose their short business name. Editor: Huang Yongliang SF156

日本牛叉基金:日股涨势已成强弩之末 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 16日彭博报道,日本对冲基金公司Stats Investment Management Co.表示,安倍经济学激发的唾手可得的日本股市涨势已划上句号。这家公司的对冲基金过去10年每年都录得正回报。   在首相安倍晋三为提振经济和刺激通胀所作努力的推动下,日本股市在截至2015年的三年大涨近80%。这些努力恐怕将无功而返,尽管安倍经济学实施了三年有余,但是日本经济2015年第四季度萎缩幅度超过预期。日本央行1月29日有史以来首次宣布实行负利率政策。   Stats首席投资官Toru Hashizume说:“安倍经济学提供了一段特殊时期,投资者几乎可以从所投资的任何资产赚到钱。对于那些基于日本股市几乎没有任何风险的信条做出投资日股决定的投资者,随着市场波动变得更为剧烈,他们将开始撤离。我预计这种趋势将持续。”   越来越多的日本对冲基金预计日本股市波动将加剧,Stats也加入了他们的行列。投资顾问公司J Flag Investment Co.表示,日本实行负利率不会缓解价格波动,并表示公司继续持有现金。该公司所管理基金的表现在日本名列前五。   对于中国经济减速的担忧和大宗商品价格下挫引发全球主要股指走低,东证指数今年迄今的跌幅超过16%。与日本股市重挫相伴的是极端的价格波动,东证指数10日波动率飙升至2011年3月大地震以来的最高水平。继上周大跌13%之后,东证指数周一跳涨8%,创下七年多来的最大涨幅。   东证指数30日波动率指标报49,在彭博追踪的包括新兴和前沿市场在内的70个股指中高居首位,排在它后面的是意大利、阿根廷和希腊。   Hashizume说,随着投资者离场,过去几年奏效的投资策略今年恐怕不再管用。该公司管理着约300亿日元(2.63亿美元)的资产。随着中国等经济体的增速不温不火,消费亦减速,Hashizume所管理的基金正在做空生产智能手机零部件的公司,以及该公司认为估值过高的安全软件公司。他不愿透露他们做空的企业名称。 责任编辑:黄永亮 SF156相关的主题文章: