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The woman died in Henan Taiyuan police station police case verdicts the defendant was sentenced to f-webquest

The woman died in Henan Taiyuan police station police case verdicts: the defendant was sentenced to five years in the afternoon of November 10th, Shanxi Province, Taiyuan City Intermediate People’s court pronounced the verdict of Taiyuan Municipal People’s Procuratorate accused the defendant Wang Wenjun guilty of intentional injury crime, the crime of breach of privilege, the defendant Guo Tiewei guilty of the crime of breach of privilege, the defendant was hypo guilty of intentional assault case the defendant Wang Wenjun guilty of negligence causing death and sentenced to four years imprisonment, criminal crime of breach of privilege, sentenced in two years and two months, decided to implement five years in prison; the defendant Guo Tiewei guilty of breach of privilege crime, sentenced in two years and two months, three years of probation; the defendant was hypo guilty of intentional assault, sentenced a period of eleven months to one year imprisonment, suspended for two years. Examined, December 13, 2014 at 16:10 PM, Taiyuan City District Dragon Ruiyuan site workers Wang Kuilin, Li Kang four shopping back, to cut back the living area from the site of the north gate, because the four does not require safety helmet and breastplate worn by the site management, be on duty security Ma Wendong block, so the two sides clash. Ma Wendong to call Rong Jiankai said the security team was playing, Wang Kuilin also gave his father Wang Youzhi (the victim) called the security was beaten. Rong Jiankai and Wang Youzhi, and the couple (the victim) and other workers were rushed to the sides, the two sides are still arguing, and has repeatedly call the police for the two time, 110 times, and then the police have to call the police for the first time in. After receiving the alarm, Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau police station duty police dragon shop branch sponsored by the defendant Wang Wenjun, vice squad police accused Guo Tiewei, led by the auxiliary police Hu Jian, intern Ji off, take the police on the same day 17 5 pm arrived at the scene. Wang Wenjun and Guo Tiewei report in the understanding of the reason, Ma Wendong beat Ma Wendong by the staff identified, Wang Kuilin and Li Kang, Wang Wenjun ordered Li Kang to produce their identity cards, Li Kang cooperation, the two sides verbal conflict. When the police will be on the police car with Li Kang, Wang Youzhi, and other people to stop the man, the handcuffs handcuffed to him, and then to the other side of the road, and then to the police. The police put on the handcuffs on the other side of the road, such as the people of the world. Wang Youzhi, Wang Kuilin, Li Kang, the police will be using a mobile phone to shoot the scene and Wang Cheng brought to the police, Zhou Xiuyun sat in the car door pedal to stop, Ji Teng commander Zhou Xiuyun away from the door. Zhou Xiuyun to push off Ji, Wang Wenjun stepped forward to stop, Zhou Xiuyun Wang Wen Jun scratching neck, Wang Wenjun grabbed the week show hair sitting on the ground, Zhou Xiuyun Wang Wenjun’s pants and police torn hands on the pocket near. Period, Wang Wenjun, Guo Tiewei asked several times to let go, and insisted on not letting go of Zhou Xiuyun, Zhou Xiuyun. The two sides deadlocked for nearly 7 minutes, Wang Wenjun again asked Zhou Xiuyun to let go, after being rejected by Zhou Xiuyun, and the twisted head, lying on the ground. Later, Wang Wenjun put his foot upon Zhou Xiuyun’s hair, lasting about 23 minutes. In the above process, Guo Tiewei has to call the police station, 110 command center and other calls for reinforcements, did not remind, stop the behavior of Wang Wenjun. After reinforcements arrived on the scene, Wang Wenjun decided to lift the police car back to the police station on the Zhou Xiuyun. On the same day at 17:52 PM, upon arrival at the police station, Guo Tiewei Wang Youzhi hit two abdominal boxing, with Wang Wenjun, the defendant Ren Haibo (Beiqin HKAPF) Wang Youzhi, Wang Kuilinri, Li Kang were beaten in the room or bathroom monitor is not installed in the相关的主题文章:

Cross the wisdom of public toilets come out of Wuhan comes with water and WiFi can access the Intern-www.xici.net

"Transboundary wisdom toilets" in Wuhan with WIFI in East Lake hydropower and Internet scenic wisdom toilets are called "intelligent island" newspaper news (reporter Kang Peng) a mobile toilet, not only has WIFI access to the Internet, the electronic chip and the central control center is also equipped with a network, capable of self examination". This sounds like "Arabian Nights" wisdom toilets has appeared in Wuhan. World toilet day". Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter learned that this is called "intelligent island" the wisdom of public toilets have been tested for a month in the scenic setting, all functions have been reached the expected target. Reporters on the scene, "smart toilets" and general appearance of mobile toilets is the interior space of nearly 4 square meters, in addition to the common sanitary ware, is also equipped with a vertical platform, disabled children seat, railings, emergency button, and adjusts the temperature of micro air conditioning, ultraviolet lamp for sterilization, remove the smell of exhaust fan the smell of fresh air, inhibition of automatic machine, Goods are available in all varieties. In the toilet outside the space, there are micro meteorological self inspection equipment for the surrounding security of high-definition cloud platform monitoring, as well as high-speed free WiFi. Research and development of this device, general manager of Wuhan sea intelligence technology company Huo Chenglong introduction, smart island with the Internet technology is a part of the wisdom of the city. The "intelligent island" by industrial modular assembly, with hydropower, self-sustaining ability, from planning and site selection and water facilities can also be restricted; occasional customization, appearance, color adjustment, blend with the surrounding environment. Daily management, a "intelligent island" are equipped with electronic chip, and connected to the central control center, not only to their own physical understanding of each parts of the state, but also remote control, such as cleaning, maintenance, information will be sent to the nearest inspection personnel on a mobile phone, people can manage dozens of toilet.相关的主题文章:

Central bank the same bank access and transfer will not receive fees-www.k17.cc

Central bank: a bank with remote access and transfer will not charge a fee on the strengthening of the people’s Bank of Chinese notice of payment and settlement management to prevent matters related to telecommunication network crime of the people’s Bank of China new Shanghai headquarters, all branches and business management departments, the provincial capital (capital) city Center branch, Shenzhen City branch of China Development Bank; all policy banks, state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings bank Chinese; Chellona UnionPay Co, China payments clearing Association; the non bank payment mechanism: in order to effectively prevent the new telecommunications network crimes, protect the people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests, we will strengthen the payment and settlement management informed on the matter are as follows: 1. Strengthen the account name system management (a) to promote Personal account classification management. 1 personal bank settlement account. Since December 1, 2016, the banking financial institutions (hereinafter referred to as the bank) to open bank settlement account for an individual, the same person in the same bank (by a legal person, the same below) can only open a class I, class I have to open a new account, then, shall open a class II or III households. The bank shall, within three months from the date of issuance of this notice, charge the fees for the collection of fees and charges for the business of the local bank, transfer, etc.. The individual before November 30, 2016 at the same bank to open more than one class households, banks should clean up Mopai on the same deposit account number, deposit requirements to explain, verify the rationality of the account. Unable to verify the account for the rationality of bank depositors should lead to cancel or merge accounts, or to reduce the account type and other measures to make the deposit account by classification mechanism, a reasonable deposit of funds, to protect the financial security. 2 individual payment account. Since December 1, 2016, the non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) to open a personal payment account, the same person in the same payment institutions can only open a class III accounts. The payment institution shall complete the stock payment account cleanup before November 30, 2016, contact the account confirmation to keep accounts, the account management or lower categories to be merging; the account according to the specified time to confirm the payment institution shall retain the use of high frequency and large amount of accounts, the follow-up can be altered according to their application. (two) suspend all accounts under the account name of the person involved in the account. Since January 1, 2017, for criminals to carry out illegal crime of new telecommunications network bank accounts and payment accounts, the municipal level and above the public security organs into the districts of the telecommunication network risk event transaction management platform "new criminal identification and list of accounts involved, banks and Payment institutions to suspend all operations of the account. Banks and Payment institutions shall notify the involved in the account holder to verify the identity, if not within 3 days to the bank or payment institutions to verify the identity of the account name should be on the other bank account to suspend non counter business, payment account to suspend all operations. Banks and Payment institutions to verify the theory of account opening相关的主题文章:

Are you going to buy a coat Fashionable people put on a short coat-freyja

Are you going to buy a coat? Fashionable people are wearing a jacket jacket is lead: Fashion bloggers are super pet a single product, whether it is the collocation of pants or skirts, have a different style and taste collocation. (content source: Cosmo fashion) jacket jacket strong resurgence trend again! If your shopping cart is full coat and thick cotton frock coat, Xiaobian recommended you hurry up empty, because the Cropped Jacket single product has become the latest foreign bloggers on a single product, compared with thick coat and long coat, this Cropped Jacket is handsome and stylish, very neat capable, whether collocation of pants or skirt, is a very good choice! The editor also summed up the Cropped Jacket for you with a variety of N program next week to wear a short jacket! Jacket jacket trousers collocation regression short coat collocation since this year the resurgence of retro bell, overall comfortable and casual, but also very personality. A short coat collocation like a leather pants collocation stylish leather pants, a super fan, but small does not recommend that girls exposed stomach Oh, choose a high waist pants. Jacket skirt collocation short coat collocation H type skirt, is also very appropriate, the overall look capable and style. A short paragraph long section with lamb wool coat instead of wool coat lamb short, more fashionable feeling. A short coat skirt collocation in dress collocation, the overall proportion is very comfortable. Metal jacket metallic color is one of the recently we are more concerned about the elements, such as metallic coat is not only slim and very eye-catching. Short coat collocation Tips jacket must choose the right shoulder type, otherwise will look very different collocation can stretch your waist pants overall proportion collocation jacket A-line A or Mini skirt Oversize for the lovely and sweet style collocation tight single product, or will appear on the body without key oh. This jacket collocation especially nice jacket collocation wide leg pants collocation wide leg pants or long paragraph jeans, so you can instantly enhance the height of the OL lot, short coat collocation can refer to this style, fashion revealed a capable of feeling. Short coat dress jacket and dress collocation is perfect, after a short coat dress collocation is very stylish, not too tough. Short jacket with a skirt with a sexy body wrapped skirt, but also a short jacket is more suitable for formal occasions wear.相关的主题文章:

Lan Tianye, Mo Yan, and so on, master of the century shaping the cultural image of Chinese st-jodie foster

Lan Tianye Mo Yan talks about "one hundred years of great master":   shaping the cultural image of Chinese style culture people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in October 13, one hundred sets of large series of biographical documentary "hundred years of great master" Fine Arts in the first and two days ago in the Department of more than 40 domestic and international satellite TV broadcast, and obtained five documentary awards. Lan Tianye, Mo Yan, Shang Changrong and other famous on the film that works embodies the people stick to the center for the creation, carry forward the spirit and cohesion strength China Chinese "spirit, to grand volume six chapters set 100 grand, showing a gorgeous brilliant and dazzling China twentieth Century culture art, thinking literature and art, is a clear contemporavies, enlightening the future of cultural projects. The last century, China the culture and art of the birth of a number of areas have a profound influence on the China and the world greatest literary and art masters, they are immortal "peak". "One hundred documentary century masters", by China Art Research Institute, CCTV, Central Newsreel and documentary film making factory (Group) and other units jointly produced, is China’s first large-scale, full range of production of the documentary about the twentieth Century painting master, art masters, literary greats, divided into art, calligraphy, Peking Opera, drama, music, literature, an outstanding representative of the scale of 100 to more than 40 in twentieth Century Chinese shooting art. The speech of general secretary Xi Jinping mentioned in the literary master Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Mao Dun, Ba Jin, Lao She, Cao Yu, Xian Xinghai, Mei Lanfang, Qi Baishi, Nie Er and Xu Beihong are in the "hundred years of thick and heavy in colours in the master". General secretary Xi Jinping in the literary and artistic work of an important speech on the occasion of the two anniversary of the review, a hundred years of literature and art, the study of the great masters of the century, the majority of artists will be inspired. China art academy, "one hundred years of great master" produced by Lian Ji pointed out that the documentary tells the story of 43 cultural celebrities past, combing the development of China’s cultural history, let us from the cultural dimension to view contemporary Chinese. At the same time, from the celebrity culture embodies the social value and aesthetic value, through cultural celebrities of the outlook on life and value and position of established cultural scale for us, shaping the cultural image of China style, China style, Chinese style; finally, to increase the cultural self-confidence, find the contemporary advanced culture elite. Honorary chairman of China Dramatists Association Shang Changrong as "one hundred years" Peking Opera master article consultant. He admitted that the drama should strive to launch the peak work, and strive to carry forward the excellent Chinese culture and art, adhere to play the positive energy of the play, but also to whip the ugly phenomenon of society. "This is a rescue project," said Lan Tianye, a famous performing artist, in which the famous people in the documentary "know that they have very few people" and "fewer and fewer people have seen them". For subsequent shooting, Lan Tianye pointed out that to dig deeper into the characters, to give full play to the role of the interviewed. "One hundred years" literature master consultant, writer Mo Yan said, not only to show the cultural celebrity documentary artistic achievements, but also show their rich, three-dimensional personality, including the details of life that cannot be evaluated with advantages and disadvantages).相关的主题文章: