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Private equity management in good and bad, the basis of strict control of private equity companies – 总裁太冷血

Private equity management, the basis of strict control of private shell companies – fund channel, China Fund Industry Association issued yesterday "on the further regulation of Private Equity Fund Managers Registration of a number of matters" announcement, the private equity fund managers put forward more stringent requirements for registration. Management of registration shall be issued by the legal opinions, registration within six months not only product will be revoked qualification, not timely reporting information will suspend accepting product registration application, executives shall obtain the qualifications for the fund business. A lot of private placement, "join the fun" fund industry association said, for some time, the private equity fund industry problems have been concerned about the community and regulatory authorities. The number of private equity fund managers, and numerous dragons and fishes jumbled together some of the abuse uneven in quality, illegal self registration information to increase trust, some institutions for compliance and information consciousness, some institutions even engage in insider trading, public offering, private equity funds in the name of illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities. This reporter learned that, since November last year, China Fund Industry Association has released three batches of missing (abnormal) list of private institutions, and the loss of (abnormal) private institutions announced the latest situation. According to the relevant regulations, the fund industry association does not make substantial pre examination of the registration information for private placement. Publicity information does not constitute the recognition of private equity fund managers’ ability to invest management and continuous compliance, and does not guarantee the security of fund assets. Therefore, in the Association for the record of the fund, there are a lot of private record only "join the fun", set up for many years, did not issue any product, so that these filing institutions become shell companies. According to the insiders, as do the filing system, it is necessary to clean up the association of shell company, do the filing system of information disclosure. It is learnt that the scale of private sunshine has been small, the level of attention is not high, and last year with the advent of the bull market in the first half, a variety of private equity has sprung up. But then A shares at the end of June appeared a continuous adjustment, but also makes a lot of small private encounters "Waterloo", and even some companies or bag company owners, investors no prosecution. Therefore, market investors remind investors to buy private equity products or to compare repeatedly, and it is best to have a large consignment agencies, including banks and other credit endorsements. According to good buy fund research center statistics, since 2015, the liquidation of private equity fund products at least more than 1200, accounting for about 5% of the total number of statistical products, of which the market fell in July and August become the peak of private liquidation. In the two quarter of last year, the data show that in 2015, a total of more than 200 private equity products were liquidated in July, and in the end of 8, there were nearly 200 products approaching the liquidation line, and more than 800 products fell near the warning line. According to the private line network data show that in July the liquidation of private sun products not only quantity, but also the establishment of the two quarter to become the hardest hit product liquidation, which has 10 products a survival period of not more than one month, and structured products winding, mostly because of higher leverage and liquidation.

私募管理良莠不齐 中基协严控私募空壳公司-基金频道   中国基金业协会昨天发布《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项的公告》,对私募基金管理人的登记备案提出更严要求。管理人登记注册须出具法律意见书,登记后六个月内不发首只产品将被撤销资格,不按时上报信息将暂停受理产品备案申请,高管须取得基金从业资格。   不少私募备案“凑热闹”   基金业协会表示,一段时间以来,私募基金行业存在的问题备受社会各界和监管机构关注。私募基金管理人数量众多、鱼龙混杂、良莠不齐,一些机构滥用登记备案信息非法自我增信,一些机构合规运作和信息报告意识淡薄,一些机构甚至从事公开募集、内幕交易、以私募基金为名的非法集资等违法违规活动。   本报记者了解到,自去年11月至今,中国基金业协会已经连续发布了三批失联(异常)私募机构名单,并对失联(异常)私募机构最新情况进行了公告。   根据相关规定,基金业协会对私募登记备案信息不做实质性事前审查。公示信息不构成对私募基金管理人投资管理能力、持续合规情况的认可,不作为基金资产安全的保证。因此,在协会备案的基金中,有不少私募备案仅为“凑热闹”,成立多年也未发行任何产品,因此使得这些备案机构成为空壳公司。业内人士认为,为做实备案制,协会有必要清理这些“空壳公司”,做实备案制的信息披露。   据悉,阳光私募此前规模一直较小,重视程度不高,而去年随着上半年牛市的来临,各种私募也如雨后春笋般冒了出来。但是随后A股在6月底出现的大幅连续调整,又使得许多小型私募遭遇“滑铁卢”,甚至有部分空壳公司或者皮包公司人去楼空,投资者追诉无门。因此市场人士提醒投资者,购买私募产品时还是要再三比较,并且最好有大的代销机构包括银行等对其做信誉背书。   据好买基金研究中心统计,2015年以来清盘的私募基金产品至少超过1200只,约占纳入统计产品总数的5%,其中,市场大跌的7月、8月成为私募清盘的高峰期。   去年二季度为私募清盘重灾区   数据显示,在2015年的股市大幅调整中,7月共有超过200只私募产品遭遇清盘,到了8月末又有近200只产品逼近清盘线,还有800多只产品跌近警戒线。而根据私募排排网的数据显示,7月清盘的阳光私募产品不仅数量多,而且二季度成立的产品成为清盘重灾区,其中有10只产品的存活期未超过一个月,而被清盘的结构化产品中,大多数因为杠杆较高而被清盘。相关的主题文章:

Chinese gold group to develop new strategies 小康之家网上购物

Chinese gold group to develop new strategies for the reporter Li Yuyang learned from the Chinese Gold Group: 2015, positive Chinese gold group to deal with challenges of gold and copper prices continued to slump, mineral gold and copper ore, total profits were SASAC assessment index. Non mining enterprises support the main business, profitability continues to increase, non mining sector benefits have accounted for half of the whole group, mine and non ore coordinated development of the initial formation of the situation. At present, the price of gold and copper products continue to low volatility, the profit margins narrowed substantially, steady growth is facing severe test. Overall, the mining industry has entered a long "cold winter"". To actively respond to the industry "winter", Chinese gold group "13th Five-Year" period will focus on promoting the eight strategies: one is to implement the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, accelerate the transformation of development mode, improve the quality and efficiency of development; two is to continue to promote the efficiency. Carry out the fine management. Three is the implementation of innovation driven strategy. Four is to actively implement the internationalization strategy. Five is to vigorously promote the "talent strong enterprise" strategy. Six is to strengthen health, safety and environmental protection system construction, adhere to the green development. The seven is to vigorously promote the integration of the two development, accelerate the construction of digital mine; the eight is to adhere to the comprehensive strictly, earnestly implement the responsibility from the strict control of the party, to further promote clean government and anti-corruption work, to create a positive environment for the development of the wind in the air. When talking about the future vision, Chinese gold relevant responsible person said that the company will further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expanding social influence, consolidate the leading position of the gold industry, lay a solid foundation for the internationalization of RMB, play leading role in the "The Belt and Road" strategy, and strive to build a world-class mineral company. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国黄金集团制定新战略    本报讯 记者李予阳从中国黄金集团获悉:2015年,中国黄金集团积极应对金铜价格持续低迷的严峻挑战,矿产金、矿山铜、利润总额均完成国务院国资委考核指标。非矿企业支撑主业,盈利能力不断增强,非矿板块效益已经占到全集团的半壁江山,矿和非矿协同发展局面初步形成。    当前,金铜产品价格持续低位震荡,企业盈利空间大幅收窄,稳增长面临严峻考验。总体看,矿业行业进入漫长的“寒冬”。    为积极应对行业“寒冬”,中国黄金集团“十三五”期间将重点推进八大战略:一是贯彻落实创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,主动适应经济发展新常态,加快转变发展方式,提升发展质量和效益;二是持续推进降本增效,深入开展精细化管理。三是实施创新驱动战略。四是积极实施国际化战略。五是大力推进“人才强企”战略。六是加强健康安全环保体系建设,坚持绿色发展。七是大力推进两化融合发展,加快建设数字化矿山;八是坚持全面从严治党,认真落实从严管党治党责任,深入推进党风建设和反腐败工作,营造风清气正的发展环境。    在谈及未来构想时,中国黄金有关负责人表示,企业将进一步提升企业竞争力,不断扩大社会影响力,巩固黄金行业的领军地位,为人民币国际化奠定坚实基础,在“一带一路”战略中发挥先导作用,努力建设成为世界一流矿业公司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The interest rate of Ningbo bonds falls below the tender limit 美女100人舞厅群交

Ningbo debt bid rate falls to bid lower Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In September 13th, Ningbo city public tender issued 9 billion 910 million yuan of local government debt, in addition to 5 years, 7 years, 10 years period were higher than that of the general debt limit 2BP, 4BP, 4BP tender, the remaining bonds bid rate fell to bid limit, display configuration requirements are still good. The tender issued in 2016 Ningbo municipal government bonds (5-8), including the period of 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, the issue size was 1 billion 740 million yuan, 2 billion 590 million yuan, 1 billion 740 million yuan, 2 billion 590 million yuan; the tender issued in 2016 the Ningbo municipal government special bonds (5-8), including the period of 3 years 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, the issue size was 250 million yuan, 380 million yuan, 240 million yuan, 380 million yuan. According to the China bond information network data, the bonds from 3 to 10 years bidding interval were 2.43-2.8%, 2.57-2.96%, 2.79-3.21%, 2.78-3.19%. The results show that 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years of Ningbo general bonds bid rate was 2.43%, 2.59%, 2.83%, 2.82%, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years period were higher than that of 2BP, 4BP, 4BP for lower limit; 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years of Ningbo special the bonds bid rate was 2.43%, 2.57%, 2.79%, 2.78%, were down to the lower limit of the range of bidding. (Wang Jiao) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

宁波债中标利率多落于招标下限 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   9月13日,宁波市公开招标发行99.1亿元地方债,除5年、7年、10年期一般债分别高于招标下限2BP、4BP、4BP外,其余债券中标利率均落于投标下限,显示机构配置需求仍然较好。   此次招标发行的2016年宁波市政府一般债券(5-8期),期限包括3年、5年、7年、10年,发行规模分别为17.4亿元、25.9亿元、17.4亿元、25.9亿元;此次招标发行的2016年宁波市政府专项债券(5-8期),期限包括3年、5年、7年、10年,发行规模分别为2.5亿元、3.8亿元、2.4亿元、3.8亿元。   据中国债券信息网数据,上述债券3至10年期招标区间分别为2.43-2.8%、2.57-2.96%、2.79-3.21%、2.78-3.19%。招标结果显示,3年、5年、7年、10年期宁波一般债券中标利率分别为2.43%、2.59%、2.83%、2.82%,5年、7年、10年期分别高于招标下限2BP、4BP、4BP;3年、5年、7年、10年期宁波专项债券中标利率分别为2.43%、2.57%、2.79%、2.78%,均落于招标区间下限。(王姣) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Spring Festival approaching smart home concept tuyere (stock) 臀字组词

The Spring Festival nearly intelligent Home Furnishing concepts welcome tuyere (shares)         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate at your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in the Spring Festival approaching, the concept of intelligent Home Furnishing also ushered in a new round of pursuit! According to the relevant data, in 2015, China’s per capita GDP is close to 8000 US dollars, and after this stage, there will be a trend of consumption escalation. That is to say, in the era of consumption upgrading, it will produce a batch of smart home to do a good job in the listed companies, these companies to provide high quality products with characteristics, focusing on brand value, rather than at a low price to win.   therefore, the upgrading of consumption is the general trend of today’s Chinese society, the overall purchasing potential of Chinese consumers is huge, and gradually show no longer blindly pursue the phenomenon of low prices, but more emphasis on product quality and service experience. Careful investors can be found, many of the recent social investigation report at the mention of a phenomenon, the social environment changes Chinese contributed to the rise of the middle class, and gradually become the mainstream of social groups, these groups focus on the enjoyment of life, good grasp of the rhythm of life, for them, the quality of life is a necessity.   living is the basic needs of mankind; entering into twenty-first Century, the intelligent residence is the trend of the times, and it is the inevitable demand after the improvement of human living standards. Here will have to mention the current development of the smart home in full swing! According to the relevant data show that in 2014 the global smart home market size of 52 billion U. s.dollars, by 2017 is expected to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars, the annual compound growth rate of about 20%. At present, the development bottleneck of smart home lies in the excellent real user experience. It can be said that the simple operation and the ultimate experience should be the key to the rise of the future smart home brand. Therefore, in the future, once the listed companies doing well in this aspect are expected to usher in the outbreak of growth.   "2025 Chinese manufacturing" and "Chinese of household electric appliance industry" 13th Five-Year "development guidance" issued soon, is expected to develop from the national strategic level of intelligence as the future direction of development China Home Furnishing industry. In addition, according to Ovid statistics, intelligent Home Furnishing ecological value in 2010 is 5 billion yuan, to 2014 quickly pulled up to 160 billion yuan, is expected in 2015 will reach 230 billion yuan output value, by 2020 the whole intelligent Home Furnishing output will break one trillion yuan. And "2012-2020 years of China’s smart home market trends and investment opportunities analysis report" shows: China’s smart home sales in 2014 reached 28 billion 600 million yuan, is expected in 2015 this figure will reach 40 billion 300 million yuan, and according to the relevant forecast, 2018 theory 春节将近 智能家居概念迎风口(股)     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   春节将近,智能家居概念也迎来了新一轮追捧!根据相关数据显示,2015年中国的人均GDP接近8000美金,而达到这个阶段之后会出现消费升级的趋势。也就是说,在消费升级时代,会催生出一批批智能家居方面做得出色的上市公司,这些公司以提供高品质的产品为特色,注重品牌价值,而绝不是以价格低廉来取胜。     因而,消费升级是当今中国社会的大势所趋,中国消费者的整体购买潜力巨大,并且逐步显现出不再一味追求低价的现象,而是更加注重产品品质和服务体验。细心的投资者可以发现,最近很多的社会调研报告都在提及一个现象,中国的社会环境变迁造就了中产阶级的崛起,并在逐渐成为社会主流群体,上述群体注重对生活的享受,善于把握生活的节奏,对他们来讲,品质生活是必需品。     居住是人类的基本需求,进入到21世纪,居住的智能化是大势所趋,是人类生活水平提升后的必然需求。这里就不得不提及现在发展的如火如荼的智能家居了!根据相关数据显示,2014年全球智能家居市场规模为520亿美元,到2017年有望达到近千亿美元,年复合增长率为20%左右。目前智能家居的发展瓶颈在于优秀实在的用户体验。可以说,操作简单和极致体验应该是未来智能家居品牌崛起的关键。故而,未来一旦在这方面做得出色的上市公司就有望迎来成长爆发期。     “中国制造2025”的提出及《中国家用电器工业“十三五”发展指导意见》颁布在即,有望从国家战略高度拟定智能化作为中国家居产业未来发展方向。此外,据奥维统计数据显示,智能家居生态产值在2010年为50亿元,到2014年就急速拉升至1600亿元,预计2015年产值将达2300亿元,到2020年整个智能家居产值将破万亿元。而《2012-2020年中国智能家居市场发展趋势及投资机会分析报告》中显示:我国2014年智能家居销售额已达286亿元,预计2015年这一数字将达403亿元,而根据相关预测,2018年全球智能家居市场规模有望达710亿美元,产业前景十分广阔。     目前,在股指处于相对底部时期,不少优质智能家居个股被错杀,智能家居领域也有诸多优质个股值得深度发掘。故而,未来一旦在这方面做得出色的上市公司就有望迎来成长爆发期。A股当中重点可以关注:主营楼宇对讲及智能家居系统的300155安居宝;主营智能控制器002402和而泰;智能家居解决方案的300183东软载波等。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Heavy pound! Guangdong Foshan purchase of first suite down payment rose to 3 绝命派对无删减版

Heavy pound! Guangdong Foshan executive purchase of the first suite down payment rose to 3 original title: heavy! Foshan Chancheng, Nanhai Guicheng regional implementation of the purchase of the first set Shoufu to 3 source: Foshan municipal government network of District People’s government, the municipal government departments, agencies directly under: to implement the real estate market regulation policy of the state and province, approved by the Municipal People’s government, is to further promote the city’s real estate market is stable healthy development put forward some measures as follows: first, establish and improve the real estate market regulation coordination mechanism, the main responsibility for the implementation of the local government to give full play to the Foshan city to promote the healthy development of the real estate industry the role of the joint meeting, co-ordination, guidance and coordination to carry out the work of the city’s real estate market regulation. The district to implement the relevant national spirit, provincial and municipal real estate regulation, to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market as the goal, the main party leaders personally implement the territorial responsibility. Establish joint working mechanism to improve housing, land, planning, development and reform, statistics, business, finance, information and other sectors, a clear division of labor, strengthen supervision and regulation of the real estate market. To stabilize the housing prices of the District, the city government will start accountability. Two, some areas of the implementation of the purchase and the differential housing credit policy from now on, the region in Chancheng District, Nanhai District, Guicheng street, Dali Town, Lishui Town, Shunde District, Daliang street, Chen Village, Beijiao Town, Lecong Town, the implementation of the new policy of commercial property purchase restrictions and differential housing credit policy. (1) implementing the restriction policy on new commodity housing. 1., the city’s household registration households in the city has two sets of housing and more, to suspend sales of the above areas of new commercial housing. 2. non urban household registration households in the city without housing, in the region to buy 1 sets of new commercial housing. 3. non permanent residents in the city has 1 sets of housing in the city, buy in the area second sets of new commercial housing, the need for the purchase of the first two years in the city to pay a total of more than 1 years of personal income tax or social insurance contributions that, through the payment of personal income tax or social insurance contributions that is not found. 4. non resident households in the city have more than two sets of housing in the city, suspended sales of new housing in the above areas. 5. the purchase of newly-built commercial housing by foreign institutions and individuals shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant policies of the state. 6. that the purchase of time, the Department in charge of the city real estate information system based on the time of the purchase contract signed. (two) improve the differential housing credit policy. According to "the people’s Bank of China Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission on further notice of the differential housing credit policy" (Yinfa 2015 No. 305) and "the people’s Bank of Chinese China Banking Regulatory Commission on Relevant Issues concerning the adjustment of individual housing loan policy notice" (Yinfa 2016 No. 26) and other documents for the first time in the above provisions, the purchase restriction area and implementation of the first suite minimum down payment ratio of not less than the minimum down 30%, two suites of not less than 40% of the difference on the proportion of live

重磅!广东佛山执行限购 首套房首付升至3成   原标题:重磅!佛山禅城、南海桂城等区域执行限购 首套首付升至3成   来源:佛山市政府网   各区人民政府,市政府各部门、直属各机构:   为贯彻落实国家和省的房地产市场调控政策,经市人民政府同意,现就进一步促进我市房地产市场平稳健康发展提出如下措施:   一、建立、健全房地产市场调控协调机制,落实地方政府主体责任   继续充分发挥佛山市促进房地产业健康发展联席会议的作用,统筹、指导、协调开展全市房地产市场监管工作。各区要贯彻落实国家、省、市房地产调控的有关精神,以促进全市房地产市场平稳健康发展为目标,区党政主要领导亲自抓,落实属地责任。建立完善住建、国土、规划、发改、统计、工商、金融、宣传等部门的联动工作机制,明确工作分工,加强对房地产市场的监管和调控。对稳定房价不力的区,市人民政府将启动问责。   二、对部分区域执行限购和差别化住房信贷政策   自即日起,在禅城区全区,南海区桂城街道、大沥镇、里水镇,顺德区大良街道、陈村镇、北滘镇、乐从镇执行新建商品住房限购政策和差别化住房信贷政策。   (一)执行新建商品住房限购政策。   1.本市户籍居民家庭在本市拥有两套及以上住房的,暂停向其销售上述区域的新建商品住房。   2.非本市户籍居民家庭在本市没有住房的,可在上述区域购买1套新建商品住房。   3.非本市户籍居民家庭在本市拥有1套住房的,在上述区域购买第二套新建商品住房时,需提供购房之日前两年内在本市累计缴纳1年以上的个人所得税缴纳证明或社会保险缴纳证明,通过补缴的个人所得税或社会保险缴纳证明不予认定。   4.非本市户籍居民家庭在本市拥有两套及以上住房的,暂停向其销售上述区域的新建商品住房。   5.对境外机构和个人购买新建商品住房的,严格按照国家有关政策执行。   6.购房时间的认定,以在本市房地产主管部门信息系统网签购房合同的时间为准。   (二)完善差别化住房信贷政策。   根据《中国人民银行中国银行业监督管理委员会关于进一步完善差别化住房信贷政策有关问题的通知》(银发〔2015〕305号)和《中国人民银行中国银行业监督管理委员会关于调整个人住房贷款政策有关问题的通知》(银发〔2016〕26号)等文件规定,在上述限购区域执行首次购房和首套房最低首付款比例不低于30%、二套房最低首付比例不低于40%的差别化住房信贷政策;在我市非限购区域仍执行原差别化住房信贷政策。自2016年10月8日起,对上述限购区域的差别化住房信贷政策作如下调整:   1.居民家庭首次购买普通住房(指从未购置过住房),按照国家政策,申请商业性个人住房贷款的最低首付款比例不低于30%。   2.有购房贷款记录、但申请贷款购房时实际没有住房的居民家庭;有1套住房、但没有购房贷款记录的居民家庭或相应购房贷款已结清的居民家庭,申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房的最低首付款比例不低于30%。   3.拥有1套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房的最低首付款比例不低于40%。   4.对拥有两套及以上住房的居民家庭,暂停发放商业性个人住房贷款。   三、加强商品住房销售监管   (一)引导合理定价。   新建商品住房首次明码标价备案应参照同区域、同品质、同类型商品住房价格确定。商品住房价格一经备案,60日内不予受理上调备案价格的申报。   各区应加强对商品住房项目销售的指导。对项目申报价格明显高于周边同类在售项目价格或本项目前期成交价格,影响区域市场平稳健康发展的,暂不办理价格备案、暂停核发预售许可证或暂不办理现房销售备案。   (二)加强实时监测。   对已取得预售许可和现售备案的商品住房,各区实时进行价格监测。对违反明码标价规定、擅自提价的项目,立即停止网签并责令整改。   为保持房价总体稳定,必要时,以项目为单位加强监测。若当日项目成交价明显高于本区域同类新建商品住房价格的,由该区暂停该商品住房项目网签30日。   四、严控市场秩序,严厉查处房地产市场违法违规行为   按照《佛山市住建管理局佛山市发展改革局佛山市工商局佛山市人民政府金融工作局关于加强商品房销售管理严惩违规销售行为的通知》(佛建管〔2016〕173号)要求,严格执行商品房销售的相关规定,加强对商品房销售行为、预售款入账和使用、销售中介、房地产广告、房地产金融、价格方面的监管。严打捂盘惜售、虚假宣传、未取得预售许可进行商品房销售、价外收费、一筹多认、非法金融、违规炒楼等违法违规行为,对涉嫌违法违规的企业和个人,依法依规从严处理。   五、科学管控土地出让   (一)加大住房用地供应力度,增加住房供给。   科学合理制订土地年度供应计划,加快落实2016年度土地供应计划,缓解因土地供应不足而造成的房价上涨压力。各区要按照年初市人民政府下达的土地出让计划,通过盘活存量土地、实施更新、棚户区改造和加大土地整备的力度等多种方式,增加土地供应量,落实年度土地供应计划,进一步保证住房供应量,平衡市场供给。   (二)加强研判,防止局部过热。   要适当控制上述限购区域的土地供应节奏并适当提高土地竞买条件。在严格执行土地竞买保证金及首付比例的同时,土地全额出让金的支付期限不得超过6个月。同时对出让土地溢价率超过一定比例的(在招拍挂公告中明确),要采取熔断机制或由竞价转为竞配人才住房或保障性住房面积等方式,有效防范局部土地市场过热。要切实加大佛山市中西部区域的土地供应力度。结合全市轨道交通建设规划,引导和鼓励房地产开发企业及市场的购房需求向佛山市中西部区域转移,促进我市房地产市场的健康平稳发展和组团城市建设目标的实现。   (三)加大土地市场的执法力度,提高土地市场的履约水平。   结合开展批而未供和闲置土地专项整治工作,加大土地市场的执法力度,严肃查处不按规定期限开工、竣工开发建设的行为,维护房地产市场的健康稳定。   六、正确舆论引导   各类新闻媒体、网络平台对房地产销售应客观宣传,正确引导社会舆论。相关主管部门应严控媒体、商家各方炒作房价行为,稳定市场预期。对房地产中介机构发布虚假市场信息的,暂停其代理的项目网签备案。对各类机构及个人利用各种公共平台散布虚假消息,制造、传播谣言的,坚决予以查处。   本通知自发文之日起施行。在实施过程中,根据市场的实际情况,对以上措施需要适时进行调整的,由市住建管理局会同相关部门制订调整方案,报市人民政府同意后印发。   佛山市人民政府办公室   2016年10月7日 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: