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Krugman the Fed rate hike is hurting the U.S. economy 太湖创意职业技术学院

Krugman: Fed rate hike errors are hurting the American economy U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 17 days: the famous American economist Krugman local time on Monday in the "New York Times" blog author, points out that there have been more and more experts believe that the Fed rate hike economy decision is a mistake, a strong dollar is hurting the American economy: now, even the former Goldman partner Davies (Gavyn Davies) also began to worry that the Fed now is in fact refused to accept the reality of the interest rate decision mistakes: "they are still not willing to admit that his December rate hike decision was a mistake, of course, this is human nature." But he adds a deeper reason for the possibility that international considerations are inadequate: "however, I suspect that there are deeper issues. The Federal Open Market Committee may underestimate the impact of the dollar on the economy and underestimate the buffer demand." I have two ideas for that. First of all, what happened at the moment, though not perfectly consistent with what I warned about a year ago, was very close: "so what’s going on here?" The dollar has risen a lot, which means that the market believes that the current relative growth in the U.S. demand is a long-term phenomenon, which means that the growth of demand in the United States will eventually benefit other countries. In other words, a strong dollar could be a major drag on recovery." Krugman believes that the Fed is likely to raise interest rates in December had been aware of his decision was a mistake, but refused to admit it but to close to, perhaps fed governor Brainard (Lael Brainard) last October to talk about the global impact of the words closer: "in the past year, a feedback loop has been in the United States and other policy differences the main trade partners market expectations through the exchange rate and financial market to U.S. financial crunch channels. Thus, some opinions suggest that even a small step towards a clear direction in the future is enough to cause large-scale financial contraction, and its effect is definitely not more than the normal period of repeated interest rates." Sounds really prescient, isn’t it? (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

克鲁格曼:联储加息错误正在损害美国经济 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间17日讯 美国著名经济学家克鲁格曼当地时间周一在《纽约时报》博客撰文,指出已经有越来越多的经济名家相信联储的加息决定是个错误,强势美元正在损害美国经济:   现在,连前高盛合伙人戴维斯(Gavyn Davies)也开始担心联储现在其实是在拒绝接受加息决定失误的现实了:   “他们依然不愿意承认自己12月加息的决定是个错误,这当然是人类的天性。”   不过,他又补充了一种可能存在的更深层次的原因,即对国际方面的考虑不够充分:   “然而,我却怀疑还有一些更深层次的问题存在。联邦公开市场委员会可能是低估了美元正在对经济造成的冲击,对缓冲需求估计不足。”   对此,我有两点想法。首先,眼下发生的事情和我大约一年前警告的虽然不是完美契合,但也非常接近了:   “因此,现在到底在发生着什么?美元上扬了不少,这意味着市场相信美国需求当前的相对增长是一种长期现象,而这也就意味着美国的需求增长最终将惠及其他国家。换言之,强势美元或许会成为复苏的重大拖累。” 克鲁格曼认为联储很可能已经意识到了自己12月加息的决定是个错误,但不肯承认   不过,要说接近,或许联储理事布雷纳德(Lael Brainard)去年10月谈论全球影响的话更接近:   “过去一年当中,一个反馈环路已经将针对美国与其他主要贸易伙伴间政策差异的市场预期通过汇率和金融市场渠道转化为了美国的金融紧缩。由此,一些意见认为,哪怕是向着未来明确的方向迈出那么一小步,也足以造成大规模的金融紧缩,其效果绝对不下于正常时期的多次加息。”   听起来真的是很有先见之明,不是吗?(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

London Metal Exchange basic metal futures prices rose 17 days – Sohu Finance 星斗盘之约

London Metal Exchange basic metal price 17 days most of the rise – Sohu financial Xinhua News Agency London February 17th special news (reporter Wu Congsi) London Metal Exchange (LME) basic metal futures prices rose most of the 17 day. Market participants said the Chinese people’s Bank and other eight ministries jointly issued a document on the front, put forward a series of support upgrades, lowering the efficiency of financial policies and measures of industrial transformation, the message to the base metal prices support. At the close of 17, the unofficial settlement price of copper for 3 months was 4577.5 US dollars per ton, up 30 US dollars from the previous trading day, or 0.66%. By the end of the day, the unofficial settlement price of aluminum for 3 months was $1522 per ton, up 1 US dollars from the previous trading day, or 0.07%. The unofficial settlement price of lead for 3 months was $1752 per ton, down $59, or 3.26%, compared with the previous trading day. The unofficial settlement price of zinc for 3 months was $1659 per ton, down $5, or 0.30%, compared with the previous trading day. The unofficial settlement price of nickel for 3 months was $8337.5 per ton, up 37.5 US dollars from the previous trading day, or 0.45%. The unofficial settlement price of tin for 3 months was 15725 US dollars per ton, up 365 US dollars from the previous trading day, or 2.38%. Author: Wu Cong yuan Xinhua News Agency

伦敦金属交易所基本金属期价17日大部分上涨-搜狐财经   新华社伦敦2月17日专电(记者吴丛司)伦敦金属交易所(LME)基本金属期货价格17日大部分上涨。  市场人士称,中国人民银行等八部委日前联合发文,提出一系列支持工业转型升级、降本增效的金融政策措施,这一消息给基本金属价格带来支撑。17日收盘时,3个月期铜的非官方结算价为每吨4577.5美元,比前一交易日上涨30美元,涨幅为0.66%。  截至当天收盘,3个月期铝的非官方结算价为每吨1522美元,比前一交易日上涨1美元,涨幅为0.07%。3个月期铅的非官方结算价为每吨1752美元,比前一交易日下跌59美元,跌幅为3.26%。3个月期锌的非官方结算价为每吨1659美元,比前一交易日下跌5美元,跌幅为0.30%。3个月期镍的非官方结算价为每吨8337.5美元,比前一交易日上涨37.5美元,涨幅为0.45%。3个月期锡的非官方结算价为每吨15725美元,比前一交易日上涨365美元,涨幅为2.38%。  作者:吴丛司来源新华社)相关的主题文章:

信贷增长过快、房地产市场调整和国企改革缓慢可能会给中期经济增长带来风险 紫霞云麒

IMF officials expect that China’s housing prices will rise back, 6 days, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) official said, support China’s local government recently introduced the real estate market regulation and control policy, it is expected that China’s big cities housing prices will appear callback. Deputy director of the Asia Pacific IMF Marx · Rod Raul day in the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook press conference to answer Xinhua News Agency reporters said that the recent part of the big city China appeared by the rapid rise in prices is not sustainable, it is expected that these city housing prices will be rising. Recently, some local governments have introduced new real estate market regulation policies, including changing the mortgage loan regulations, etc. these macro prudential policies are appropriate to curb the excessive rise in housing prices. Rod Raul believes that in recent months China prices rise quickly, especially in some big city, this reflects the market factors of housing demand is greater than supply, on the other hand also reflects the local government earlier cancelled some purchase restrictions in response to the real estate market downturn, the bank issued a lot of housing mortgage loan. In the long run, Rod Raul suggested that the Chinese property tax, which is not only conducive to increase the local government revenue, but also conducive to better regulation of the real estate market, but from the real estate tax legislation to implement takes a long time, unable to cope with the short-term prices rise too. IMF Asia Pacific director Li Changyong said at a news conference on the same day, China’s short-term economic growth is still expected to be strong, if we continue to maintain the current growth momentum, IMF may need to increase the prediction of China’s economic growth of 6.6% this year. But he warned that the credit growth, the real estate market adjustment and the slow reform of state-owned enterprises may bring risks to the medium-term economic growth.

IMF官员预计中国房价涨幅将回调 国际货币基金组织(IMF)官员6日表示,支持中国地方政府近期出台的房地产市场调控政策,预计中国大城市房价涨幅将出现回调。 IMF亚太部副主任马克斯·罗德劳尔当天在亚太地区经济展望新闻发布会上回答新华社记者提问时说,近期中国部分大城市出现的房价过快上涨是不可持续的,预计这些城市房价涨幅将出现回调。近期一些地方政府已出台新的房地产市场调控政策,包括改变抵押贷款规定等,这些宏观审慎政策措施对于抑制房价过快上涨是合适的。 罗德劳尔认为,近几个月来中国房价涨势很快,特别是一些大城市,这一方面反映出住房需求大于供给的市场因素,另一方面也反映出地方政府早些时候取消了一些购房限制措施以应对房地产市场下滑,为此银行新发放了很多住房抵押贷款。 从长期来看,罗德劳尔建议中国征收房产税,这不仅有利于增加地方政府财政收入,也有利于更好调控房地产市场,但房产税从立法到实施需要较长时间,无法应对短期房价过快上涨问题。 IMF亚太部主任李昌镛当天在新闻发布会上表示,预计中国短期经济增长仍然强劲,如果继续保持目前的增长势头,IMF可能需要上调对今年中国经济增长6.6%的预测。但他同时警告,信贷增长过快、房地产市场调整和国企改革缓慢可能会给中期经济增长带来风险。相关的主题文章:


Dunlop medical cast portfolio package perfect health hot column layout of three thousand shares of capital flows on thousands of stocks the latest diagnostic rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Wang Zilin, editor Quan Zeyuan suspended for a month’s medical Dunlop dished out. The portfolio package ", the company intends to be increased by the acquisition, the establishment of the fund industry and foreign investment and other initiatives to improve the layout of health. Specifically, the company intends to no more than 5 investors issued no more than 27 million 26 thousand and 800 shares, the total amount of fund-raising will not exceed 992 million yuan. Among them, 719 million yuan is used to acquire 40% stake of general pharmaceutical company of holding subsidiary. Data shows, Dunlop medicine is a comprehensive set of new drug research and development, production of pharmaceutical raw materials, production and marketing as one of the large pharmaceutical companies, in 2015 the total profit of 143 million yuan. At the same time, the company will be 273 million yuan fund-raising into the general public cardiovascular network hospital and O2O marketing network system construction project. According to the announcement, Dunlop cardiovascular hospital and O2O network marketing network construction project construction period is 36 months, including the construction of the construction project investment, and cloud data center network hospital cardiovascular hospital pharmacies and clinics regional network investment. After the completion of the project, the net profit is expected to be 105 million yuan per year. The company said that the non-public offering will help the company continue to expand in the health industry, expand the competitive advantage, to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. In addition, Dunlop medical bulletin intends to use the self financing of $95 million worth of RMB (about 620 million yuan), and the people of Yantai De Yuan equity investment management center jointly set up a total size of not more than $100 million in global precision medical innovation investment fund, the first to raise the amount of 11 million dollars (about 71 million 800 thousand yuan). Among them, Pu Pu medical intends to subscribe for 95%, Yantai people and intends to subscribe for 5%. It is reported that the fund’s investment will be for the accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of innovation in the field of innovative equipment, innovative technology and reagents, bio pharmaceutical and other overseas projects. The first deal after the foundation was followed. According to the announcement, the company intends to Dunlop – people and precise global medical innovation investment fund to the American Quanterix Corporation company invested 11 million dollars D round of financing to increase participation in the way, get 5.35% of its shares. Data show that the company is the world’s leading ultra high precision protein detection equipment and reagents supporting providers, the two sides are actively talking about high precision protein detection technology in Chinese landing and promotion. The company also issued a number of foreign investment announcements on the same day. Including the company intends to use its own funds 93 million 200 thousand yuan, through a wholly owned subsidiary of Luoyang ROPV Hospital Limited acquired 100% stake in the Sixth People’s Hospital of Luoyang city; intends to Sichuan Rui Health Medical Technology Co. Ltd. capital 70 million yuan, after the capital increase the shareholding ratio reached 18%. THE_END enters Sina

乐普医疗抛投资组合包 三管齐下完善大健康布局 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙记者 王子霖 ○编辑 全泽源   停牌一个月的乐普医疗抛出了“投资组合包”,公司拟通过定增收购、成立产业基金及对外投资等多举措完善大健康布局。   具体看,公司拟向不超过5名投资者发行不超过2702.68万股,募资总额将不超过9.92亿元。其中7.19亿元用于收购控股子公司乐普药业40%股权。资料显示,乐普药业是一家集新药研发、原料药生产、制剂生产和营销为一体的综合性大型制药企业,2015年利润总额达1.43亿元。   同时,公司将以2.73亿元募资投入乐普心血管网络医院及O2O 营销网络体系建设项目。据公告,乐普心血管网络医院及O2O 营销网络体系建设项目建设期为36个月,项目投资包括心血管网络医院及云数据中心建设、大区级网络医院建设以及药店诊所投入。项目建设完成后,每年预计获得净利润1.05亿元。   公司表示,本次非公开发行有利于公司继续在大健康产业积极扩张,扩大竞争优势,进一步实现公司的战略目标。   此外,乐普医疗公告拟使用自筹资金9500万美元等值的人民币(约6.2亿人民币),与烟台民和德元股权投资管理中心共同投资设立总规模不超过1亿美元的全球精准医疗创新投资基金,首期募集额1100万美元(约7180万人民币)。其中,乐普医疗拟认购95%,烟台民和拟认购5%。据悉,该基金的投资领域将面向精准诊断和精准治疗领域的创新设备、创新试剂、创新技术及生物制药等境外项目。   该基金成立后的第一笔交易也随之而来。据公告,公司拟通过乐普-民和全球精准医疗创新投资基金向美国Quanterix Corporation 公司投资1100 万美元,以增资方式参与标的公司D 轮融资,取得其5.35%的股权。资料显示,该公司是全球领先的超高精度蛋白检测设备及配套试剂提供商,双方正积极讨论关于超高精密蛋白检测技术在中国的落地和推广。   公司还在同日发布了多份对外投资公告。其中包括公司拟使用自有资金9320万元,通过全资子公司洛阳乐普医院有限公司收购洛阳市第六人民医院100%股权;拟向四川睿健医疗科技有限公司增资人民币7000 万元,增资后持股比例达到18%。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

担保比例高于180% 异世之绝世无双

The financial balance of the two 8 months fell over 60% in a small number of firms relax business indicators sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor a small number of firms implementing flexible strategy business indicators – trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng A stock market abnormal fluctuation of experience to relax in mid June, two financial market opening the deleveraging process. After 8 months of adjustment, the two financial balance from June 18th last year to 2 trillion and 270 billion yuan of the highest value to the current 880 billion yuan, down the rate reached 61.23%. The two financial balance continued to decline, also testing the performance of securities firms. Hualin securities in recent days for the first two financial business deregulation. It is understood that Hualin securities has modified a number of two trading transactions in the trading system parameters, and completed the test. Specifically, Hualin securities backed securities exchange rate adjustment will be batch and list of underlying securities, equity securities adjusted average conversion rate will rise from 37.7% to 50.7%, the number of financing subject only from 757 to 903. At the same time, Hualin securities is also the original credit concentration management take four measures to adjust the control file classification into third gear, respectively, the guaranty ratio is less than 180% of the customers, the largest proportion of positions is 30%; the guarantee ratio is higher than 180% (inclusive) but less than 240% of the customers, the largest proportion of positions is 60%; the guarantee ratio is higher than 240% (including) customers, the maximum position ratio of 100%. For the relaxation of Hualin securities two financial business indicators, an unnamed financial sources told the "Securities Daily" said in an interview with reporters, with A recent stock market adjustment gradually close to the bottom, most of the risks on the market has been effectively released, this adjustment is only for their own recovery Hualin securities one of the two financial business flexibility strategy. The personage suggests, although the investment risk on the market is in controllable range at present, but still need to keep vigilance to risk at all times. It is understood that since the beginning of last 6 months, the number of firms have been gradually relaxed financial services index standard, including some of the original standard out of the stock re transferred, or the rate is adjusted to zero can be used to offset margin securities again to give certain discount rate as well as the starting concentration of both financial and management measures on the part of translation. Subsequently, when A shares gradually stabilized in November last year, a number of brokerage firms have also made adjustments to the two financial services in this period. Industry experts said that with the frequent adjustment of A stock market and the continuous decline in two financial balance, some stocks have dropped out of the investment value better, if still follow open standards for the two financial brokerage business, the future can be expected part of the stock financing balance may gradually rise. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

两融余额8个月跌超六成 少数券商放松业务指标 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   少数券商实施弹性策略放松业务指标   ■本报见习记者 杜雨萌   A股市场在经历去年6月中旬的异常波动后,两融市场也开启了去杠杆的进程。经过长达8个月的调整之后,两融余额已从去年6月18日2.27万亿元的最高值降至目前的0.88万亿元,下跌幅度达到61.23%。   两融余额持续下跌也在考验着券商的业绩。华林证券于近日为两融业务先行松绑。据了解,华林证券已经修改了交易系统中的多个两融交易参数,并完成了测试。具体来看,华林证券将批量调整担保证券折算率和标的证券名单,调整后股票类证券的平均折算率将从37.7%上升到50.7%,融资标的数量从757只增加到903只。   同时,华林证券还将原来信用账户集中度管理中采取的四档分级控制措施调整为三档,分别为担保比例低于180%的客户,最大持仓比例为30%;担保比例高于180%(含)但低于240%的客户,最大持仓比例为60%;担保比例高于240%(含)的客户,最大持仓比例为100%。   对于华林证券此次放松两融业务多项指标,一位不愿透露姓名的财经人士在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,随着A股市场近期调整逐渐接近底部,市场上的大部分风险已在得到有效释放,此番调整也仅仅是华林证券就自身情况进行的一次两融业务弹性策略恢复。该人士建议,虽然目前市场上的投资风险处在可控范围内,但仍需时刻保持对于风险的警惕意识。   据了解,自去年6月份开始,多家券商已经陆续放宽两融业务指标标准,包括将一些原本调出标的个股重新调入,或对部分折算率调为零的可充抵保证金证券重新给予一定的折算率以及启动两融集中度管理等措施。随后,在A股于去年11月份逐渐企稳之时,多家券商又于该时期相继对两融业务做出了调整。   业内专家表示,随着A股市场的频繁调整以及两融余额的连续下跌,部分个股已经跌出了较好地投资价值,若后续仍有券商为两融业务放开标准,未来可以预期部分个股的融资余额或许会逐渐回升。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: