Canon cp+ will release 80dg7x iisx720 HS and new lens-verbal jint

Canon CP+ 80D G7X II SX720 HS will be released and the new lens may be as soon as possible in order to respond to Nikon D5 challenge, Canon did not like the printing of speculation so when CP+ 1D X Mark II released a flagship camera, but Canon still may arrange some new appearance of this important exhibition. According to the latest rumors show, Canon will release during the period of CP+ including EOS 80D, PowerShot G7X II, PowerShot SX720 HS, including three new cameras, as well as a EF-S 18-135mm f 3.5-5.6 IS USM lens. The Digicame-info site even released some of the fuselage specifications of the PowerShot G7X II and the PowerShot SX720 HS camera, which is known to be fairly accurate. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II body size: 1 inch 20 million pixel sensor; DIGIC7 image processor; image stabilization technology with 9 aperture blades and optical 24-100mm f 1.8-2.8 lens; the maximum continuous shooting speed of 1 million 40 thousand 8fps; 3 inch touch screen painting LCD flip (flip up and flip down 180° 45° full); HD video time-lapse photography; function; built-in Wi-FI and NFC; RAW file processing machine. Canon PowerShot SX720 HS body size: 20 million 300 thousand CMOS pixel sensor; DIGIC6 image processor; 40x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization; built-in Wi-Fi and NFC; 3 inches Full HD video camera; 922 thousand point LCD. Although Digicame-info did not release together 80D body information, but there are rumors that the autofocus system and better sensors, this new machine will have a better design of the new continuous shooting speed.

传佳能CP+将发布80D G7X II SX720 HS及新镜头   或许是为了尽早回应尼康D5的挑战,佳能并未像坊间猜测的那样等到CP+再发布旗舰相机1D X Mark II,不过佳能还是可能会安排一些新品亮相这场重要的展会。根据最新传闻显示,佳能会在CP+期间发布包括EOS 80D, PowerShot G7X II, PowerShot SX720 HS在内的三款相机新品,以及一款EF-S 18-135mm f 3.5-5.6 IS USM镜头。而Digicame-info网站甚至直接放出了PowerShot G7X II和PowerShot SX720 HS相机的部分机身规格,众所周知这家网站所公布的信息具备相当的准确性。   佳能Powershot G7 X Mark II机身规格:   1英寸2000万像素传感器;   DIGIC7图像处理器;   内置9片光圈叶片和光学防抖技术的24-100mm f 1.8-2.8镜头;   最高连拍速度8fps;   3英寸104万画点触摸式LCD翻转屏(向上翻转180°,向下翻转45°);   全高清视频拍摄;   延时摄影功能;   内置Wi-FI和NFC;   机内RAW文件处理。   佳能PowerShot SX720 HS机身规格:   2030万像素CMOS传感器;   DIGIC6图像处理器;   具备光学防抖的40x光学变焦镜头;   内置Wi-Fi和NFC;   全高清视频拍摄;   3英寸92.2万画点LCD。   虽然Digicame-info并未一同放出80D的机身信息,但是有传闻称这款新机将会拥有更好的传感器、全新设计的自动对焦系统和更好的连拍速度。相关的主题文章: