Canon 5D mark 30 million +61 pixel dot focus system

Canon 5D Mark IV 30 million +61 pixel point autofocus system of Tencent digital news (Zhou Shuo) August 25th, Canon officially released a new generation of full frame 5D Mark IV. Compared with the previous generation of 5D3, the new 5D Mark IV provides 30 million pixels, a new focus system, touch screen, 4K video shooting and other new features, the magnitude of the upgrade is quite large. On the basis of the previous generation of 5D3, the new 5D4 set of Canon advanced technology in a body. Full frame CMOS sensor built-in approximately 30 million 400 thousand effective pixels DIGIC6+ image processor, collocation. Its ISO high sense reached 32000. At the same time, 5D4 also became the first to support full pixel dual core RAW EOS models, the optimization function of the built-in machine, JPEG format to be able to figure out the formation of effective promotion. Shooting, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has the highest 7 s continuous shooting capability, 61 point high precision mesh array focus on (of which 41 point cross focus), a comprehensive expansion of the realization of the focusing accuracy and coverage. At the same time, 5D4 also joined the DCI 4K (4096*2160) 30P short film features, to assist video capture users in many areas to achieve new development. In addition to the core function of 5D4, for the first time in the 5D series of products with built-in touch screen, user-friendly real-time viewfinder focusing, the selection of the focus. In addition, WiFi and NFC two kinds of connection function is also the first time in the 5D series of products, to support the shooting content upload cloud storage, to achieve a comprehensive expansion of local storage. It is worth mentioning that the new 5D Mark IV in the body of workmanship and the details of the redesign, the overall body lighter than 5D Mark 60g. The machine uses a new fuselage assembly, continue to use magnesium alloy structure consistent, and ensure the durability of products. At the same time the press conference, Canon also released a new version of the new round of red lens, respectively, is the class EF 16-35mm f III USM wide-angle zoom lens and L class EF 24-105mm 4L IS II USM standard zoom lens f two 2.8L. 24-105mm f 4L IS II, especially USM with a significant increase in the edge sharpness and brightness on the screen, the new IS image stabilizer is equivalent to 4 shutter speed compensation effect, will replace the previous generation products has become a popular choice for the red circle standard hook head. It is reported that the new product will be listed in the global synchronization in September 8th, the official price of a single body is 26599 yuan, interested friends can then Canon Tmall flagship store to be concerned about.相关的主题文章: