Canada’s most amazing natural wonders, this life can not be missed! googims

Canada’s most amazing natural wonders, this life can not be missed! ? as a vast territory and abundant resources, wildlife resources and the landscape resource rich countries, "big and beautiful" is the essential label of canada. The creator is always the artist will be full of wit, the natural scenery to strike a deep chord in this land. This is also the world’s largest and most professional travel guide Lonely Planet listed in the 2017 national top list of the important reasons. Canada, an area of more than 9 million 980 thousand square kilometers, occupies a large part of North America, the territory from the Western Pacific extends to the eastern part of the the Atlantic region, extending to the Arctic Ocean to the north. If calculated in terms of land and water area, Canada is the second largest country in the world, if only land area, is the world’s fourth largest country. The vast territory bred infinite possibility of nature, 42% of the land area is covered by forests, forest resources accounted for 1/10 of the world, from the sky overlooking the coniferous forest covered with vast glaciers covered the Canadian Shield, the mystery of the arctic. Canada has the longest coastline in the world, every day the sun rises and falls, the tide rises step back, bring beautiful coastal scenery. Canada and the United States shared Lake Superior is the world’s first great lakes, in addition to the land of rivers and lakes with abundant fresh water resources. There are a large number of fresh water resources to be stored in the mountains of glaciers in the mountains, the mountains led by the mountain resources is the natural treasure of canada. The National Park System of National Park in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Canada is the pride of the country, the national park system to protect the mature and show the incomparable natural wonders, from the mountains to the plains, from the lake to the glacier, from inland to the coast, from the north to the Arctic tundra forest… All over the country park symbolizes the natural and divine Fantasy Sculpture creation. Waterton Lakes National Park (Waterton Lake National Park) images from only 14 square kilometers of the minimum Alberta Province Tourism Bureau official website the National Park (Georgia Bay Islands National Park Georgian Bay Islands National Park), the largest 45000 square kilometers (Wood Buffalo National Park WoodBuffalo National Park wood); some of them illustrious such as Banff National Park (Banff National Park), Jasper National Park (Jasper National Park), some unknown to the public as Aiwaweike National Park (Ivvavik National Park), 000 (Vuntut National Park National Park of TUT). Eva Veikko National Park in Wood Buffalo National Park, in short, remember, 2017 is Canada’s 150 year old birthday, all free of charge national park. The Rocky Mountains of the Canadian Rockies (Canadian Rockies) is Canada’s most famous and most sought after natural wonder.相关的主题文章: