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Buy or escape to sunny drops the driver how to choose? – when the car car Sohu "I also compared the Volkswagen and the modern leader, finally buy own brand (accurate statement should be the native brand) is really not because of money." This opened the Changan Yat moving drops taxi driver Beijing quite a bit of style, belonging to the kind of car on the chat, a chat on the hi. This is not right, the local brand contrast to the joint venture brand story is generally not the former price is cheap, or give you a little patriotic feelings of what. But the talkative driver, did give me some new inspiration. That is, Yi kinetic energy to become one of the best selling local brand car, in the car of choice in the car than in front of the joint venture car, the price is not the key, then its advantages can be explained from the following aspects. The bottom line is: no other copycat design also has its own design style of native brand copying joint venture or imported, twenty years ago we talked about this, ten years ago to talk about this, talked about today, other local brands can design twenty years there is no progress? Of course not, still the only copycat the Thai small car prices, a large number of local brands have embarked on the road of independent design, which, in Changan, as the representative of the Geely brand in the forefront. At the forefront of the standard is that you not only be accepted by consumers, but also have their own design style. On the top of the original owner of the car three alternative vehicles, for example, Yat moving is elegant atmosphere, Lang Yi is stable, collar is a fashion. "No escape Lavida so old, also did not receive so exaggerated." Drops the driver to say so. Since the listing of several changes, but the model has not changed much, which has a great relationship with its relatively mature design. The chrome strip on the intake grille has a wing of the same arc shape, the atmosphere is not lost fashion. The standard day lights, the car of the joint venture that has surpassed the standard configuration of Lang Yi as the representative of the. Escape kinetic energy to create a visual effect of the atmosphere, with its larger size is inseparable. As can be seen in the table above, the length and width of the escape movement are far more than Lang Yi, compared with the so-called B class car collar movements, but also a slight gap on the wheelbase. Interior: work material is a good foundation for the design of the human nature of the old point of view is more important, the local brands are generally cheap materials, poor assembly process. So, as a representative of the local brand models of how to behave. Yat new interior using a layered design, so that the advantages of functional zoning is structured and easy to use. In addition, the steering wheel and the console are some other wings is not only the visual effect is more fashionable, echoing just mentioned face shape. Workmanship, the central control panel cover using soft materials, feel good, assembly process has not lost to Lang yi. Air conditioning knob damping moderate and key feedback strength suitable for such details can be taken into account, gave me a very good impression. Thanks to the size of the body, the movement of the space is also very good performance. The 183cm height, the front row space there is no repression,.相关的主题文章: