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"100 travel will be landing in Beijing   focus on elderly market segments – Jiangxi Channel – Beijing 14 October," lived one hundred years, traveled to the elderly tourism services all over the world in the "national brand" 100 journey Beijing branch inauguration ceremony was held yesterday in Beijing, the meeting announced the establishment of "100 journey Beijing branch of old tourism club. The establishment of ‘brigade’ is a major change in the same way travel from operating products to business users, but also for the promotion of tourism consumers to the community of fine operation and service and exploration. The ‘brigade’ will be landing in Beijing, is to combine quality suppliers and partners to jointly serve the elderly in Beijing." With the way tourism, said founder CEO Wu Zhixiang, the future will be for parents, beauty and other market segments to make the layout. "100 travel will be landing in Beijing, community service members in September 19th, with the way tourism in Suzhou to set up a" hundred Tour ", formally enter the elderly tourism market segments, will be announced in the same way relying on the" Suzhou + headquarters of the six regions of the line layout and flow of resources, force in the old market segments, from service, brand and reputation three aspects for the elderly to create high-quality, high standards and high cost of travel products. "100 journey Beijing branch" was founded, we will use the advantage line, direct line store experience and ‘100 journey’ combination, according to the activities of the organization member’s interests, skills and hobbies of social operation, for members to provide diversified and personalized, targeted, developing products and the service, to better serve the elderly users in Beijing." Cui Zhongliang, general manager of North China tourism with the same way. It is understood that the brigade will be the object is mainly in the same way travel registration of middle-aged and old members, the general age of 50 years of age, men and women are not limited. Join the "hundred Tour", users can enjoy the same way tourism as a series of personalized services and activities of the organization members, members enjoy priority rights and benefits, including custom line, talent competition, travel insurance, tourism depth examination, catalogue, etc. members exclusive benefits around happy. The old focus on market segments, innovative tourism services, how to let the elderly life meaningful is the whole society concern and attention, we hope that through our all-round development in the elderly tourism business, focusing in the elderly tourism market, explore new ideas for the pension industry, will build a "hundred Tour" elderly happy life quality tourism China in community." The same journey north China region, said Cui Zhongliang. At the same time, Cui Zhongliang said, "100 journey Beijing branch will focus on the needs of the elderly population in the interests and hobbies, to create different categories of products, services, simplify the more cumbersome procedures, bring more convenience to the elderly tourism; to carry out a series of activities in the elderly more close to the demand in leisure, social, health, such as with the world tourism, health lectures, event invitation, tasting delicacy theme, create a new lifestyle for tourism in Beijing elderly members. (Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: