BMW black technology, this double 11 What are you waiting for-pork face

BMW black technology, the "double 11" what are you waiting for a hot day, open the door, the car is not "steamer", but it is cool and comfortable; the cold winter to open the door, the car is warm with your love of music, without preheating directly away; after locking the car door shut gently on the automatic shut; the rearview mirror, sunroof closed automatically; and when your hands are full of things to Teng not shot split box, then as long as the foot off the light at the bottom of the box, trunk is opened slowly…… Such a scenario is not imagined to be true. This is the "UniPlus Weibang" BMW body comfort access system. UniPlus vborn also known as "black BMW technology" is designed for BMW tailored body comfort system. UniPlus Weibang automotive electronics to vehicle information and entertainment system "as the core, covering the DA mobile phone system, T-BOX and the reversing camera, tachograph, tire pressure monitoring, with a hard structure, software products are independent R & D and production, supply has reached a depth of cooperation with a number of car brands. The launch of the BMW car is comfortable to enter the system, is a smart new car market for up first. Set the control, including the body comfort access and other functions in one, over current alone after loading the body BMW intelligent system of the situation. It does not need to change the remote control, do not change the computer to eliminate the owner of the injured car concerns. BMW black technology". Load BMW car body comfort after entering the system, the remote control on the bag with a mobile phone can be realized for the lock, lock the car touch technology, unique rain screening, even rainy day, lock the door still worry. A lock at the same time, on the windows, mirrors, etc. also can realize intelligent closed roof. In addition, the loading system of the vehicle can be extended automatic tailgate and mobile phone remote control function. The tail gate with double induction structure, multi sense distribution in lock state, remote control car owners to carry a box near the tail meters, feet on the induction point sweep, automatically open the rear door. The owner can also be used for vehicle and mobile phone linkage through online or Bluetooth, the vehicle includes a vehicle positioning, 360° condition query, remote unlock, tail gate opening, open K-BOX, vehicle tracking, remote start, remote lock and a series of remote control. So, this black technology products is how to do a good job in the installation, sale, technology and other services? BMW owners as long as the user in the mobile Internet community life platform what didi orders, fill the demand of good service, what didi throughout the country thousands of technicians and trained with regularity partners to make an appointment and thoughtful guidance installation, accurate services for this product. It is reported that god horse didi in the double 11 zero start for a period of 7 days, BMW black technology, crazy for 7 days and 7 nights, a large-scale promotional activities during the event only half price can buy this product. By then, the owners of BMW users can pay attention to god horse Didi, according to tips, enjoy the black technology brings a comfortable car life相关的主题文章: