Blind date was my sister in law-truffe

Blind date was my blind date was my sister-in-law Pro Pro sister-in-law netizen letter: Momo teacher, hello. I have a brother who is 5 years older than me, and we have a good relationship. He is from small to large, Han Han, others say his IQ problem, but my mother took him to test IQ is normal. But, he is always slower than we beat, so the family and friends are called him stupid cow (because we have no choice). And I’m not the same, from small to large, I seem particularly clever. I am three years old can recite poetry, can recognize a lot of words at the age of five, and even jump when reading class two, then I also admitted to a key undergraduate. I know, I am the hope of the family, but also my parents hope. To tell the truth, my family condition is not good, Dad perennial in the street to others filling shoe, and my mother and brother at home put a stall, doing business malatang. Strange to say, although the eldest brother a little slow reaction, but it is very popular with others. Business is regular, my tuition is also thanks to the big brother of the stall qizaotanhei. When I was in college, my eldest brother came to the city with me. He often stays up late at three or four. He often received less money, sometimes wrong, because brother never graduated from primary school, but the memory is not too good, others eat something, he often does not remember. But, oddly enough, his stall business is hot, I often go to the weekend to help him. I think my brother very good fortune. After graduation, I came out looking for a job, no place to live. So I went to his live, do not accept what I rent, he also said that if you can’t find a job, go with me just stall. I didn’t speak with anguish, my mom seemed to see through my mind: you read so many books, do not want to stall the line, its hard to find a job, there is always the light of day. However, I did not like my mother said so smoothly, my brother successfully bought a house, and I took more than 3000 January monthly salary, I was actually very happy. Later, because of my frequent job hopping, the past five or six years, monthly salary is only more than 6 thousand. My brother, has developed into a snack shop stalls in January, tens of thousands of houston. I’m 28 years old, I’ve been looking for the same thing, but I ended up breaking up in. Mom and dad began to urge, nagging all day long. At the time, big brother has not married, so I do not worry. Big brother said to me, we are not the same, you are a graduate student, you should find a good woman to live…… From then on, I went on a blind date. Of course, my brother, he’s 32 years old, because every night busy stall, there is no time to find an object. Besides, many women do mind my brother is a clown or a lovely appearance, see face always feel a bit silly. In March this year, aunt introduced me to an object, a year younger than me, she is very pretty, with a height of 65 meters, as if her parents are doing business, home is in good condition, said she was picked to pick their own students, 3S lady. Hearing these conditions, I am still very excited, but also some excitement. The first time I met, I let my brother followed me, because I was afraid of the scene. As a result, she was found to be a deaf mute.相关的主题文章: