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Black rental while art: van carrying 7 people were 40 yuan per person per ticket is not Sohu news in order to catch the next exam, many students want to attend a taxi to leave, but no car Qilu news network February 16th (Shandong Taiwan Chen Zhifu Qian Yilin) today, remember last year this time, the Arts, our reporter found a problem in the interview. Say normally, a taxi in Ji’nan, here refers to the formal lease, but also are very standard. But in these days when the arts, the center door, students not hit the car. Some taxi doesn’t behave. All kinds of rejection, cheating, do not hit the table there are chaos. Then there is this year’s art will this phenomenon? According to public radio and television channel "Shandong people’s livelihood train" reported that a private van pull 7, 40 yuan a person, not a ticket. A person in the field of Arts is not easy, but so expensive, the most important thing is to catch the examination room. In order to test spend more money spent, there is no way, but far too late. This is March 6, 2015, reporters at the Ji’nan art school art scene, in the face of art students is difficult to take a taxi. Many private car rental, regular rental has not hit the table, capitation fee chaos. One year later, the same place, today, the Ji’nan School of Art Center survey reporters once again came to Ji’nan Shungeng road. Arts say 40 dollars does not hit the table, with the taxi drops software can not beat the car. In the exam three minutes out, the taxi hit half an hour did not hit, many empty is not connected. At 12 o’clock the morning, the end of the examination, in order to catch the next exam, many candidates arts are trying to take a taxi to leave, although there are a lot of empty after, but they are still not hit the car. Subsequently, the reporter also personally experienced how difficult a taxi at the entrance test sites. In addition to the regular taxi driver, in the rush of people soliciting force, many private cars, car rental and also to loot black. In fact, last year, our reporter also had the same experience, encounter does not hit the table, capitation fees chaos is the same. However, reporters call the Ji’nan public passenger transport management service center complaint, but did not get any reply. This year, the reporter once again call the 96576. The face will appear every year of chaos, Ji’nan public passenger transport management service center, said that if does not hit the table this charge, once implemented, there will be some punishment on it. Must have a license plate number, can help you record this one. If not, you see if there is no monitoring in off place, can obtain surveillance.

黑出租趁艺考宰客:面包车载7人 每人40元不打票-搜狐新闻 为了赶下一场考试,很多艺考生想打车离开,却没有车   齐鲁网2月16日讯(山东台 陈志富 钱艺林)今天是,记得去年艺考,也是这个时候,我们的记者在采访中发现了一个问题。要说平时,济南的出租车,这里指的是正规出租,还都挺规范的。可是一到艺考的这几天时候,各考点门口,学生多打不上车。有些出租车可就不怎么守规矩了。各种拒载、宰客、不打表的乱象都出现了。那么今年的艺考还会存在这样的现象吗?   据山东广播电视台公共频道《民生直通车》报道,私家面包车一车拉7人,一人四十元,不打票。艺考生一个人在外地本来就很不容易,还要那么贵,最重要的是赶考场。为了考试多花点钱就花了,也没有办法,而且很远时间来不及。这是2015年3月6号,记者在艺考点济南艺术学校采访时的场景,面对艺考生打车难。很多私家车,黑出租,正规出租都存在不打表、按人头收费的乱象。时隔一年,同样的地点,今天,记者再次来到济南舜耕路上的济南艺术学校考点调查。   艺考生说40块钱不打表,用滴滴打车软件也打不着车。进去考试三分钟出来了,打车打了半小时没打上,空车不少就是不接。中午12点左右,上午考试结束,为了赶下一场考试,很多艺考生都试图打车离开,虽然有很多空车经过,但他们仍然打不上车。随后,记者也亲自体验了一下在考点门口打车到底有多难。除了正规出租车司机,在这次抢人拉客大军中,不少私家车、黑出租和专车也来趁火打劫。   其实在去年,我们的记者也曾做过同样的体验,遭遇到的不打表,按人头收费乱象也如出一辙。然而在记者拨打了济南公共客运管理服务中心投诉后,却没有得到任何答复。今年,记者再次拨打了96576。面对每年都会出现的乱象,济南公共客运管理服务中心表示,如果的确有不打表收费这个情况,一旦落实会对其有一定的处罚的。必须要有车牌号,才能帮你记录这一块。如果没有,你在下车的地方看看有没有监控,可调取监控。相关的主题文章: