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Beware of overcapacity in a stirring among the dry bones – energy – elimination of backward production capacity is a painful process, in may disrupt or even delay the resumption of production capacity to plan to tide prices, need administrative measures and market-based instruments at the same time force. On the one hand, to more stringent standards in accordance with the law and regulations to promote the backward production capacity within exit, and guide enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, restructuring converting, relocation and other active exit capacity; on the other hand, should strictly control the new capacity. At the same time, the relevant departments should as soon as possible, cash subsidies for capacity replacement premium policy, the enthusiasm of the capacity to mobilize the enterprise and local recently, there are two news and newspapers. One is to have raised around the production target, in September is expected to enter the national capacity to intensive enterprises shut down period; two is because the steel, coal prices rebounded to some capacity within the scope of the iron and steel enterprises again in production. This situation deserves attention. Only backward production capacity really quit, the market can return to a healthy track. However, the elimination of backward production capacity, is a painful process, if not really helpless, some excess capacity is difficult to take the initiative to withdraw from the market. So while the other side wildly beating gongs and drums to capacity, excess capacity and playing guerrilla to resume production, is likely to make the capacity to work hard to receive the actual effect. This year, to be able to promote the production capacity. The State Council has issued the "on the steel industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development" "on the coal industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development views" on "create a good market environment to promote the non-ferrous metal industry structural adjustment to promote transformation and increase the efficiency of guidance". Ministries have also action, the Ministry of finance to arrange special funds to support the 100 billion yuan award to resolve excess capacity, the Ministry of Industry issued a comprehensive standard to promote the use of backward production capacity to exit the views. Recently, the State Council executive meeting of the deployment of the steel and coal industry to resolve the excess capacity to carry out special inspection, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Hebei received special inspection of the news frequently appear in newspapers. In this case, to gradually show the effect of capacity. The first half of this year, steel prices, coal prices continued to rebound. China Steel Association released data show that the first half of this year, members of iron and steel enterprises realized sales income of 1 trillion and 290 billion yuan, down 11.93%; to achieve profits of 12 billion 587 million yuan, an increase of 4.27 times. Listed companies have recently released annual report also shows that although most of the iron and steel enterprises operating income shrink, but 2/3 of net profit growth. Behind this increase and decrease, it reflects the fact that the steel industry to improve the overall efficiency of the steel industry. Similarly, a series of statistics also show that China’s industrial enterprise profits are continuing to improve. From 1 to July this year, industrial enterprises above Designated Size rose by an annual profit of 6.9%, the growth rate of the previous 6 months faster than the percentage point of 0.7. Among them, the July profit grew 11%, the growth rate accelerated by June, compared with 5.9 percentage points. The reason why such a result, it can be said, to play an important role in production capacity. But we should also see that the main reason for the price of steel, coal prices rebound is the industry take measures to limit production, driving prices rebound. However, the "limited production" is not "go)相关的主题文章: