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Health Of the options available in cosmetic dentistry, the single most popular procedure is the application of porcelain veneers. In just two visits a remarkable and lasting enhancement is gained. Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, is a leader in the creation and application of beautiful dental veneers. His practice is known for the extremely high quality of veneers produced. A veneer is by definition an outer layer fixed to something for decoration or protection. Porcelain veneers are very thin layers of dental grade porcelain affixed to the surface of teeth. They are strong and durable, usually lasting up to twenty years. They have the same luminosity as natural tooth enamel, so if expertly applied are indistinguishable from the tooth. Veneers can be used to repair chipped or damaged teeth, to reshape oddly shaped teeth, to fill gaps between teeth and to handle extreme discoloration or staining. Properly applied they can bring about a dramatic enhancement of the teeth and smile. The condition of the teeth and the appearance of a smile create a social impression, whether wanted or not. It is a fact that less than perfect teeth can create an unwanted impression or give a person the idea that this impression is created. Frequently a person who may have been teased over their teeth as a kid will carry an inhibition later in life. This could go so far as to have a person actually hide their teeth from others, never smiling. Unfair though this may be it is still a situation that many have faced. Making great veneers .es about from a number of factors, some technical and some artistic. Initially Dr. Maddahi consults closely with a patient who wants veneers. He looks at the shape of the face, the formation of the teeth and any imperfections in the teeth. He goes over all of this with the patient. He answers their questions and educates them on the procedures involved. He employs state-of-the-art video imaging to actually show the patient what they can expect their enhanced smile to look like. He looks for a solution that enhances the patient and not just their teeth. Using a technology called Shade Vision he can obtain extremely accurate readings of the color and shade of the existing teeth. This is very important because veneers have to be a very good match to the existing teeth or they look artificial. Teeth are not all one color and the color and shade varies from tooth to tooth. Usually, the existing teeth would be cleaned and whitened first so the veneers made would match the teeth in their best condition. The first step is a preparation of the teeth that will receive veneers. So as not to interfere with talking, eating and smiling the surface of the teeth must be prepared to ac.modate the new veneers. This preparation has a minimal impact on existing tooth structure. Next, a dental impression is formed. This is the guide used by the dental veneer lab to prepare the final veneers. The lab works with the impression, color and shade data as well as Dr. Maddahis direction to create the custom veneer. The veneers are then checked for fit, color match and, most importantly, patient approval. They are then permanently affixed to the teeth. This procedure is .pleted usually in only two or three visits. The product is a renewed and beautiful natural smile. As a leading Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, has been specializing in creating beautiful, natural smiles for 21 years, offering tooth whitening, porcelain veneers with all the latest dental procedures and high tech equipment. Contact him today to schedule your dental evaluation and get on your path to a new beautiful, natural smile! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: