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Mobile-Audio-Video Sound Systems Services Tucson: .mercial Audio System Design: POGO Audio & Video has installed many a/v systems and are experts at calibrating the audio output to maximize the sound quality and only use the industrys highest quality equipment to ensure our customers satisfaction for years to .e. Since we are a local business with low overhead, we manage to defeat large .panies bidding structure time and time again. We carry a full line of .mercial audio equipment and speakers to match the needs of our clients, using major brands such as Bogen Audio, Behringer, Anchor Audio, JBL Professional, and Speco. Most importantly, Sound Systems Services Tucson for POGO Audio & Video brings these .mercial audio brands to you for much less than our .petitors. .mercial Audio .ponents: We have excellent relationships with many vendors and low overhead, allowing us to remain cost .petitive while delivering the highest quality .mercial A/V systems in the Tucson, AZ. Audio Source .ponents Multi-Channel .mercial Mixer/Amplifier .mercial Power Amplifier Indoor and Outdoor .mercial Speakers Speaker Cable Indoor .mercial Sound Systems: Speakers are the most important piece of any good audio system, providing quality sound with no interference, crackling or other unwanted noise. There are several choices, including in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, pendant speakers, ceiling tile speakers and more. Outdoor .mercial Sound Systems: The amplifier is the power behind the system. For an amp, the signal .ing out from the source is usually too weak to be distributed evenly to multiple speakers; therefore it needs to be amplified. From here, the sound can also be split into multiple zones if needed. POGO Audio and Video can make this all happen with absolutely no loss in the quality of the amplified sound. Home Automation Services Tucson: Residential: You put the soul in your home. Now let POGO Systems bring it to life with control systems so powerful, yet so intuitive in operation, that you be.e one with your surroundings. From Home Automation Services Tucson home theatre to state-of-the-art home automation, POGO systems fill your world with music, movement and light. Technology that used to .plicate, now delights, and life is once again in harmony. .mercial: Master your technology with POGO Systems custom electronic control systems. And discover how much you can achieve with one touch. POGO Systems professional-grade control products are powerful enough to control systems of any size or scope. Theyre intuitive enough for any user to operate confidently. Hospitality: What if you could manipulate every aspect of the guest experience with a simple touch? POGO Systems customizable, scalable systems enable you to do just that quickly and intuitively. From sound and light, to HVAC and security, all your electronics systems can be instantly accessed, and their functions effortlessly choreographed. Security: This is one of the key aspects of an automation system for a lot of home owners. A centralized security system is not only a useful protection against burglary and crime; it is also a great surveillance method that serves practical purposes like being able to keep an eye on the children. About the Author: POGO Audio & Video designs and installs .mercial audio systems Sound Systems Services Tucson Such as restaurant sound systems, church sound systems, 70v .mercial paging systems, and outdoor .mercial audio systems. We also provide corporate audio systems, such as conference room audio systems, training room audio systems, meeting room audio and sound systems for banquet halls and event centres. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: