Beijing was bitten by a tiger woman needs to face multiple plastic surgery difficult to recover (vid-cashmere mafia

Beijing woman was bitten by a tiger has plastic surgery face difficult to restore the Beijing tiger killed visitor survey results: non accident Beijing morning news August 25th, the survey of Beijing Badaling wild animal world tiger wounding announced in August 24th: Zhao (injured) trying to get off by a tiger attack wounded, his mother save female eager, rescue measures are improper, attacked by a tiger to death, does not belong to the accident. According to this result, Badaling wild animal world response, expressed condolences to the deceased, condolences to the injured, to actively implement the investigation team of the park safety management requirements, the temporary closure of the Siberian Tiger Park, the transformation of the park, improve the safety protection measures. According to previous users criticized the injured husband Liu Zhao to rescue, the bulletin also give a clear answer. Liu in the back in the car again after the rescue. The investigation team informed, the cause of the incident, Zhao is a failure to comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off the provisions of park management and other tourists ignored the warning, to get off, causing it to be injured in the attack the tiger. Two weeks is a daughter of a tiger had towed away, save female eager, did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off provisions, rescue measures are improper, result in the death of tiger attacks. Badaling wild animal world before the incident of oral notification issued "six forbidden" notice, signed "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement", the beast area tour set up along the warning signs and the obvious signs, the work carried out orderly, timely carried out on-site disposal and rescue. Combined with the analysis of the reasons, the investigation team found that "7· 23" the Northeast Tiger caused by tourists casualties are not responsible for production safety accidents. The investigation group in the extension of the survey, found that the daily management of Badaling wild animal world in staff training evaluation system is not fully implemented, there is no part of training assessment, emergency drills for missing data problems, and puts forward related suggestions. [event]: the interrupted to recover before the injury report looks Zhao right facial laceration, depth of mandible, head and neck skin superficial laceration, back, chest, buttocks superficial scratches, for Zhao’s injury, 120 Emergency Doctor Liu said that although the injured have been discharged, but still faces multiple plastic surgery. Dr. Liu said that the injured right facial laceration, depth of mandible, which is a big wound, the wound is usually caused by the beast bite. Human face is very rich in blood vessels, once there is a laceration, a large amount of bleeding. And the wounded face tear, even after the suture, after healing will also leave a suture scar, the whole face to destroy the basic features. Because the laceration of the wound will cause facial muscle tissue and nerve damage, healing will also affect the masticatory function, facial expressions, etc.. It takes a lot of plastic surgery and very painful restorative training to get a more normal appearance. Liu said the injured Zhao case, it is possible to perform cosmetic surgery can not be restored to the appearance before the injury. "The wound is too big to recover completely." Garden party: the suspension of the beast area car in August 24th, the Badaling wild animal world marketing department responsible person Mr. Cao told the Beijing morning news reporter)相关的主题文章: