Beijing – VIDEO – Zhuhai airshow aerobatic moments the Allied air force to

Beijing – VIDEO – Zhuhai airshow aerobatic moments: the Allied air force competing against the Zhuhai airshow demonstration flight moment: the Allied air force on the same stage [comment] on November 1st to 6, the Eleventh Chinese Aerospace Expo held in Zhuhai, the flight performance as the air show a beautiful scenery, always attracted tens of thousands of attention look, the show is no exception, the Allied air force on the same stage, leaving a lot of wonderful moments. Double pass, wingman maintain course return, long jump maneuver machine, vertical loop, Kaihei subduction…… With a tremendous roar of the engine, "over the Bayi aerobatic team of red, blue and white f -10 fighter across Zhuhai airport. November 1st near noon, the roar of the Bayi aerobatic team plane has just gone, always with a mysterious aura China a new generation of stealth fighter -20, cut over the Zhuhai air show, a short flight show after juechenerqu, attracted the audience exclaimed. During the Zhuhai air show, one of the most prestigious aerobatic team in the world of the RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Team, with 12 Hawk T1 Eagle trainer debut in China over the diamond 9 formation, Appollo swan, hammer flip, piercing conspersa…… "High Performance Red Arrows Aerobatic Team colors, conquered all the people strike a deep chord. In the air show and founded in 1991, the Russian "Warriors" aerobatic team, is the world’s only use a heavy fighter as performing the aircraft flight demonstration team, and they come from their "swift" aerobatic team to mixed formation of common performances, this is also the first time. (reporter Vedev Guangdong reports)相关的主题文章: