Beijing – VIDEO – stringed dance blessing road Habahe County Xinjiang Kazakhstan one family of Eid a

Beijing – VIDEO – stringed dance blessing road Habahe County Xinjiang Kazakhstan one family of stringed dance benediction Kazakhstan Xinjiang Eid al AdhA Habahe County, one family of Eid al AdhA [comment] in September 14th, the Muslim people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang is celebrated during Eid al AdhA once a year, the reporter came to the early morning is located in the northwest corner of Habahe County Chinese a district, so Chen Hui the residents face, lived for generations of northern nomadic descendants of Kazak man Saipishen? Sethi has begun in the yard Hadley busy picking mutton, and Saipi what his wife in the kitchen busy preparing for the holiday food. Living room coffee table, his wife Sepis made a table filled with Kazakh pastries, hot tea aroma Piaoman the whole house. Pay New Year’s call people from time to time into the home, greetings, mutual good wishes. Blessing of Saipishen old man and his daughter, the guest played a lively 43 beat dance, his wife and guests danced the waltz with the beat. Also called Eid al AdhA, Eid al AdhA, is a grand festival of the global Muslim population. During the festival, the Muslim people cook a sheep to slaughter cattle, invite friends and relatives to come to visit, but also held a variety of cultural activities. Sepis retired as a teacher, civil servants and other duties. After retirement, he organized a community of more than 10 retirees established a kazakhstan. Sepis old man told reporters that life is getting better and better, and now more is the pursuit of spiritual life. [over] the residents of Habahe County People’s life Saipishen? Hadley Sethi (quality) high, enjoy music, enjoy culture, enrich the cultural life now, so when we had the traditional festival, our joy. [comment] since childhood by his father loves music, daughter Guerra now became a music teacher in a normal school, inherited his father’s music. [over] Saipishen Sethi’s daughter Gulila Hadley?? Saipishen during the holidays when we play the accordion, playing the Dombra, singing, so very happy holiday. Habahe county is located in the northwest corner of China, about 800 km from Urumqi. The Kazak, Han, Hui and other 22 ethnic groups and 87 thousand local life, including ethnic minorities accounted for 69.6%. Here, the North West and Kazakhstan and the Russian border, the border line of 320 kilometers. National health county, National Garden County and other national honors. Reporter Ji Jiangtong Xinjiang Habahe County reported相关的主题文章: