Beijing two cheat training by end thirty-eight thousand teach a full set of new network gambling ope-sayu-02

Beijing two "cheat" training by end thirty-eight thousand teach a full set of new network gambling operation – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) "teaching method, playing mahjong winning skills", under the overpass street, often can see such a small advertising. Reporters learned yesterday from Shunyi police, recently two "cheat" training has been smashed police, 7 suspects were arrested, and seized a special poker, Pai Gow, special potion and other tools of crime. > > the former gamblers report "cheat" training class in November 10th, a man walked into Shunyi Tianzhu police duty room, the small ads he took to the police to see. Police comrades, you see this, this is how to teach gamblers good training, I want to report them." Police, "cheat" commonly used in card games or mahjong, refers to play cards in the process of the behavior of cheating. The report of the man Li Nan (a pseudonym), was a gambler, in order to win money, went to classes, then Li Nan offgambling. According to Li Nan, as long as willing to spend money to learn the "technology", later to win the game in general probability will increase, whether it is learning "technology", or doing something on the card, almost all. "Poker, mahjong, Pai Paul win, Tel: 155× × × × × × × ×". According to the police on the small ads on the phone, the phone number added to the WeChat 155, and soon, the other agreed to apply for a friend. "Recent cards often lose money, you can not win this advertisement? Fly it?" The police and the other conversation, by a few minutes of communication each other, let the police have time to look at the company. > > action 7 suspects have been arrested in November 11th 12 pm, Tianzhu police station according to the address provided to the suspect, a district near the Beijing West Railway Station, through WeChat and other exchanges, the police identified the "cheat" training course is taught. Subsequently, the police quickly went upstairs to the 3 suspects inside is taught others "skill" control, and found a variety of tools of crime in the house, there is a special poker, mahjong, and supporting the use of perspective glasses, medicine etc.. According to the suspect Lee explained, he was a lecturer professor in charge of "technology", thanks to a posting on the Internet, someone posted small ads for recruiting students, Zhang doing chores, the boss Hemou not in the day. Shortly thereafter, the boss Hemou was arrested by the police. Police found the suspect dens of foreign claims for technology companies, the company to teach magic, against gambling as a gimmick, "the suspect with Professor magic to deceive the public, is actually a good training class". This case just finished processing, Tianzhu police station again got a clue, there is also a "cheat" training class of Fengtai near Lize bridge. November 15th 15 am, the police will be destroyed the dens and arrested 3 suspects. Currently, the 7 suspects on suspicion of imparting criminal methods have been Shunyi police criminal detention, the case is entering.相关的主题文章: