Beijing traffickers talk about price plus a stirring among the dry bones – Sohu news with mobile pho

Beijing dealer Resurgence: use mobile phone software to talk with the doctor plus price – Sohu news CCTV News reported on February 21st, recently, CCTV reporter for the post hospital traffickers resurgence phenomenon unannounced visits. In Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, people continue to talk about "registration", registration". In Tongren Hospital, the dealer does not line up, the money and medical card into the window, the number of dealers called "we are ripe", the original number of dealers is a flicker of reporters, casually do not hang a full number of experts…… Number traffickers also said, there is a master online grab number, "one telephone number, you can not enter."". According to the survey, the number of dealers can grab the reservation number, entirely by a clear division of labor, there are two teams behind, a dedicated queuing in the window, another responsible for computer reservations, computer reservations are responsible for the master. In addition to take extra in the registration hall and the Internet, traffickers secret weapon — "a doctor called" mobile phone platform. Reported that the dealer through the mobile phone platform for doctors to hit 300 yuan, the patient does not have to queue up to see a doctor. The reporter a telephone interview to the payee plus company, customer service is said to the doctor, the doctor was created for the pricing of platform is to allow doctors to communicate with patients. On the evening of February 20th, the official certification of micro-blog @ a call doctor responded to the matter, said, a call doctor has been the number traffickers, "yellow cattle" phenomenon of natural enemy. Firmly support the recent departments, hospitals and public opinion for the traffickers, "cattle" inverted number of acts of resolute strike and supervision by public opinion.

北京号贩子死灰复燃:用手机软件跟医生谈价加号-搜狐新闻   央视新闻2月21日报道,近日,央视记者针对节后医院号贩子死灰复燃的现象进行暗访。在北京妇产医院,路旁不断有人念叨“挂号,挂号”。在同仁医院,号贩子不排队把钱和就医卡就塞进窗口,号贩子称“我们都熟”,原来号贩子是忽悠记者,随便办了个未挂满的专家号……号贩子还称,有高手网上抢号,“一放号,你们根本进不去”。   据调查,号贩子之所以能抢到预约号,全靠明确分工,背后有两支队伍,一支专门在窗口排队,另一支负责电脑预约,负责电脑预约的都是高手。   除在挂号大厅和网上拿号外,号贩子还有秘密武器――“一呼医生”手机平台。报道称,号贩子通过手机平台给医生打300元后,患者不用排队就可看病。记者对加号收款方公司进行电话采访,客服称钱是给医生,由医生定价,平台创立的初衷本是让医生与患者沟通。   2月20日晚,官方认证微博@一呼医生 针对此事回应称,一呼医生一直是号贩子、“黄牛”现象的天敌。坚决支持近期各级主管部门、医院和舆论对于号贩子、“黄牛”倒号行为的坚决打击和舆论监督。相关的主题文章: